Shunning Makes us Joyful - Another Blast on Jehovah's Trumpet

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  • cofty

    Like all the best comedy this is hilarious and agonising in equal measure.

    If you have not bookmarked the Jehovah's Trumpet blog do it now.

    Shunning Makes us Joyful ...

    "Fiends, we are the happiest people on earth because of true worship, and this includes the practice of shunning our closest loved ones..."

  • nonjwspouse

    It's pretty darn good isn't it?

  • Pistoff

    Great article, also check the one about the daughter who was transfused against the wishes of her parents, truly uplifting

  • braincleaned

    Love it. LOL!

  • cantleave

    Love that site.

  • zed is dead
    zed is dead

    Very Onionesque.


  • TableForOne

    Another fantastic article from Jehovah's Trumpet.

    I agree with Cofty that it's "hilarious and agonising in equal measure".

    I'm being shunned and I'm not even DF'd or DA'd.

    Thankfully, I don't have blood relatives in the cult so I can laugh at their un-christian behaviour. (Hilarious)

    I can imagine it being a very painful experience for many though. (Agonising)

    I wish the site was updated with new articles more often.

    My favourite is probably Conjoined Twin Shuns Brother. Genius.

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    *This article is more thought provoking than I first realised. Thanks Cofty.*

    "Did she followed through with the necessary adjustment? Hannah’s mother continues:
    She did. I was so proud of her. I see this as positive training for the future. If statistics tell us anything, Hannah will one day have to shun one of her own children. By practicing on her kitten, she is preparing herself for bigger tests ahead. I have no doubt she will be able to withdraw all love and support from any future children she may have."
    "That’s really encouraging! It must be awkward to still have the kitten in the house."

    "Yes it is, but she’s still too small to legally throw out on the streets. You know? We just have to endure. Hannah doesn’t play with her or give her toys anymore. When she feeds her, she kind of slams the bowl down on the floor so that Skittles will understand how serious her sin is. Of course, we hope that Skittles repents so that we can accept her back with loving arms, but for now, she shows no signs of doing so. We have left it in Jehovah’s hands."

  • Oubliette

    Brilliant satire. It's really only just this side of sounding like an actual Watchtower article or convention experience.

  • stuckinarut2

    So very, very sarcastic and clever!

    The sad thing is, if this was read by many witnesses, they would think it was actually a real WT article!

    They would completely miss the cynical humour!

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