Shunning Makes us Joyful - Another Blast on Jehovah's Trumpet

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  • steve2

    Rjharris, you da man!

    Now my comment above is not satire, but could pass as sarcasm.

  • quellycatface

    Do you know what???

    I actually thought that was real, like from the WT.


  • stuckinarut2

    This topic has given me an idea...

    On the JW.ORG website they have a video for kids with a song called "giving makes you happy & Giving makes god happy"..."...all singalong and fluffy...

    Why not use that melody and change the words to:

    "shunning makes us happy"...lalalala

  • carla

    marking to print later.

  • Comatose

    I follow jehovahs trumpet on twitter. It is very good. In fact some of their tweets make you laugh outloud.

  • SuperBoy

    I love the number of comments from people who don't quite get that it's satire!

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    That was good.

    I had to research and scroll around to confirm that it was satire.

    It accuratley portrayed some JW's and JW family I know.

    I just couldn't believe the Tower would be so honest.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    all of a sudden i remembered something that i heard when i was a teenager, back in the 60s:

    When somebody cannot be removed any other way, ridicule often will bring them down.

    That's why humor and satire making fun of the WT is seriously valuable.


  • Xanthippe

    Soon after I firmly decided to be obedient to Jehovah by rejecting my mother, the opportunity to pioneer opened up. Clearly, Jehovah was rewarding me for passing this very difficult test. I’m proud to say that I shunned my mother for the next 20 years and didn’t even speak to her while she was dying. Shunning her proved to be a protection in the end. As my mother’s health failed, my godless sister had to disrupt her own life to care for our mother. I was not obligated to do so and was able to continue pioneering through the entire process.

    Agonising, yes it is. Biting satire, very well written.

  • KiddingMe

    Thanks, great satire.

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