"Are you a progressive thinker"

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  • Pistoff

    This was the theme of a talk at this week's 2nd weekly meeting with the CO.

    If you are a progressive thinker, so went the reasoning, you will accept all of the adjustments coming from the 'faithful and discreet slave'.

    This so hurt my head when wife told me about it; really?

    I AM a progressive thinker, that is why I no longer go to meetings.

    Did the rank and file really just nod their heads when they heard this?

    Do they think that being a progressive thinker means blindly and I mean blindly, no questions asked, accepting all that the GB has changed and will change in the near future?

    What they mean is are you an unthinking follower, will you unquestiongly follow what they say?

    Is it any wonder there is so much mental illness in the WT?

    But this phrase will no doubt catch on, just one more label to paste or not paste onto people, rather than reading all that you can from all sources, and coming to your own conclusions; no, not that, just:

    "Are you a progressive thinker?"


  • Londo111

    Cult doublespeak. E-gad!

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Yes I am, that is why I quit. It takes humility to admit you were wrong and had been duped too.

  • sir82

    So "progressive thinker" = "blindly accept what the FDS says"?

    Got it. File that one right after "arbeit macht frei".

  • Pistoff


    " So "progressive thinker" = "blindly accept what the FDS says"?"

    Right? Are they deliberately trying to be Orwellian?

  • Pistoff

    @londo111: Yes, for sure, doublespeak that will lead to doublethink, and more crazy JW's.

    @WMF: Yes, but sadly that is the kind of true humility that the WT leadership has never shown.

  • prologos

    progressive tunnel vision, with blinkers, not able to examines the basic premise, promise.

    looking only at wt writer's promises, that they never have,-- and never could deliver.

    sir82, thank you "arbeit macht frei" wt style: do more service, contribute more to escape certain death*. the death camp.

    The 2 " A" deaths. A-damic death and the 2nd death at A-rmageddon for having incurred the GB and it's enforcers displeasure.

  • ducatijoe

    Never ask why... never ask what about this? Not for me.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    This "talk" should be renamed "Have You Disabled Your Critical Thinking Skills?"

  • Pistoff

    @ducatijoe: Why is a forbidden question at the kingdom hall; best to just nod.

    @BOC: Yes, or maybe "Are you a true sheeple?"

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