"Are you a progressive thinker"

by Pistoff 25 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • pbrow


    Yes, technically all religions are cults. The jw's just go one step further and are a mind control cult.

    From what I read you are part of a human sacrifice cult. You are part of a cult that thinks it is somehow moral for one man to pay for the sins of another. Its not that much better than plain old vanilla cult like organized religion but you are still in a cult.


  • Batman89

    Name that propaganda technique:Persuasive Flattery!

  • Spectre

    I guess we can add "progressive thinking" to the list of things where they have made up their own definition.

  • Pistoff

    @RJHarris: Religions exist on a continuum from completely free, maybe Univeral Unitarianism, to extreme cult, think Jim Jones. The WT is further along the line than most.

    @Pixel: Wouldn't that be great? "Oh, I meant UNprogressive, sorry, brothers, NEVER MIND."

    @UBM: It does seem like they are trolling the rank and file, are they trying to get people to stop coming?

    @pbrow: Yes, child sacrifice, as in first born Jesus to replace Adam; thought we had done away with blood sacrifices, eh?

    @Batman: "Yes, that's what I am, a progressive thinker!"

    @Spectre: Yep, along with 'service', 'worship', 'education'

  • pbrow

    Lets say your father was really into fucking goats...... Well you moved away when you found out your dad was a goat fucker just to get away from him. Good for you. Now the authorities set up a sting operation with some really hot goats... your dad fell for it... i mean he really went to town, but when the authorities broke down the hotel door your dad managed tewe barely escape. Now the authorities track YOU down and have YOU in custody and are going to imprison YOU for 20 years because of your dad being a prolific goat fucker.

    Well that isnt right!! You dont like goats.... maybe you fed a few at the petting zoo when you were a kid (do you remember now that you were always losing your dad there???) but you are not into animals, after all you are a respected sheep farmer! It doesnt matter, you have to pay for the sins of your father because of the fucked up system that you live in. Just the way it is. Thats how your god wants it... the sins of the father are payed for by the son.

    Doesnt that sound effed up?? Being a part of a human sacrifice cult that thinks that one human being can sacrifice for the sins of another sounds just as effed up to me.


  • Pistoff

    @Pbrow: "Being a part of a human sacrifice cult that thinks that one human being can sacrifice for the sins of another sounds just as effed up to me."

    Yes; we grew up with it, so it didn't seem odd, but it is certainly strange, wrong and yes, f**ked up.

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