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  • Focus

    If He doesn't exist to you, then why care so much?

    Because many people who do believe, some fervently, do exist.

    And a few of them who take it to extremes will do a lot of harm to us and the whole planet.


    ("Q.E.D." Class)

  • villagegirl

    I agree with sarahsmile that you can be just as beat up by

    evangelicals with a heavy agenda of Calvanistic dogma, as

    you can be beat up by atheists going after anyone who shows simple

    regard for the scriptures and the concept of God. I am not a

    fundamentalist by any means. I have attended and am open to

    re-attend , Synagogue (Reform) meetings of Messianic Jews, the

    Anglican Church, The United Church, the Catholic Church and I have

    gone to a lot of Seven Day Adventists meetings as well. I attended the

    Mennonite Church in a small Canadian village, but found them too

    Calvanistic and tending to say "God has a plan for your life" a lot,

    and "Praise the Lord" punctuating every sentence. They had a language

    I can only describe as 'Christianese' and if you didn't speak it, you were suspect.

    I have gone to large Evangelical churches with flashing lights, big bands,

    lots of noisy Rock Star entertainment on a big stage in front of the congregation.

    All very bewildering. But all of them, seemed to have a joyful spirit and

    I felt the spirit of God upon them all. The Kingdom Hall has no such spirit.

  • kaik

    Maranatha, you make several false assumptions in which you think:

    1. Everyone who does not agree with your views is atheist
    2. Everyone who does not believe in Christianity is atheist
    3. Not everyone who went from WT cult became atheist, but on opposite to your opinion some became even more radical Christian
    4. Nonbelievers should not post on exJW cult site.

    One problem with internet is annonimity which allows to people to hide behind it and insult. I have seen and experienced antisemtic remarks, seen misogynistic and homophobics posts. Some people will say these words online but are shit scared to say to anyone in the face. The faceless JWN and other websites provides for them a way to ventilate.

    Many of us who were associated with WT and Christianity in general made a step to disasociate with false and often irrational beliefs that have not even foundation in the Bible. Do you believe in origianl sin? Do you even know that Jews and early Christians until 4th century did not share such view? Do you think why anyone like myself who past 20 years lives with extensive Jewish family and have many Jewish friends would desire to proselyte them for Jesus? What makes Christians so damn special over them and any other religion in this world? Absolutely nothing. In contrary to your post, I am a not atheist, I believe in God, but I cannot associate myself with Christian nonsense and false teaching of the Bible. Global Flood? Taking snake? Delusional John of Pathmos? If your faith needs these irrational beliefs, it is up to you to have them. However, not everyone needs them and share the same beliefs.

  • steve2

    It would be fantastic if Maranatha read through the many thoughtful replies to the OP. It's through these kinds of exchanges that all of us have opportunities to learn what has led others to their ways of making sense of the world and coming to terms with life. This is one of the few forums where such exchanges are encouraged - even though it can get heated from time to time. I'd rather risk the occasional misunderstanding than ever again be in an organization that treats doubt as a problem to be solved through authoritarian measures. - a gloriously imperfect yet invaluable medium for connecting with others who are not threatened by questions and who often share in common a refreshing need to think for themselves.

  • villagegirl

    The tryanny of words: an atheists (Cofty) says " I promote reason"

    The position of this atheist is that he is a "man of reason"

    and all believers are not capable of reason, he is in fact 'better'

    than they are, superior mentally and has clearer thinking than

    believers whose ideas he describes as 'myths' placing himself

    above them as if they are mentally defective. he claims to have

    an "evidence based view of life" and seeks to "clear up your confusion"

    So what he is saying is; believers do not use any evidence in

    their world view and are confused, wheras, he, by comparision

    is fully enlightened, smarter and wiser than all believers.

    He views himself as a "Great Teacher" and we are his pupils.

    What are his qualifications ? Well, he has none.

    (read his posts for evidence) He never graduated from a university

    or it was implied in one of his posts he may not have finished high school.

    By comparison; lets examine some real statistics; of the entire population

    of persons with advanced degrees, that is post graduate degrees, in all fields

    including science, fully 60% believe in a personal God. And to narrow it down

    to a very elite class; astro physicists and top ranking physicists running major

    university departments, a full 7% believe in a personal God.

    But this man Cofty, hold himself up as more "reasonable", having more "evidence",

    quailfied to teach us, and having the authority to demand we "learn"

    something from him. ( substitute "obey him" or be verbally punished )

    I submit, this man believes himself to be some sort of one man governing body.

    To which we should go for directions and thinking advice. How very JW.

    (for confirmation of these quoted statistics see Neil Tyson Video posted earlier)

  • GrreatTeacher

    To state the obvious, if 60% believe in God then 40% do not.

    And, if 7% of top ranking physicists believe in God, a FULL 93% DO NOT BELIEVE IN GOD.

    So, I'm not sure what the point of your statistics is.

  • Maranatha

    I had forgotten I started this topic. It is clear which ones of you are actually sincere in your answer and which ones of you are not. LisaRose, you seem to just hate every body regardless of their beliefs. I've seen some of your other posts. And not all atheists may be "God haters" but many if you on this website speak hate whether you mean to or not. You ridicule anyone who shows an ounce of faith in God and you pat the backs of those who seem to want to abandon God.

    I understand a website can have any name it wants too, that's not the problem here. I understand this website helps JW's learn the truth of the WBTS. BUT, it seems many of you are here with one goal and one goal only. To turn people completely away from God. That is why I suggested the other name for this website.

    And who in the world cares what name I chose for my account. Seriously? I chose it so other potential Christians would know there was another sister in Christ here. But as many of you have proven, this site is full of atheists preaching their form of religion in as nice a way as possible, right? Lol.

  • LisaRose

    Marantha, you couldn't be more wrong. If I disagree with something, I disagree, regardless of the belief system of the poster, I call it as I see it. But I don't hate anybody, and you are the only poster that has ever called me a hater. I don't know what posts you are referring to, but I have had several private message in the last few days from people that were very positive, saying that they appreciated my very fair and balanced point of view.

    Edited to add: I went back to look at the only thing I posted specifically to you. My comment was that accelerating tecnololgy was not a sign of the apocalypse and that your beliefs seem to be based on feelings, and that I believe that basing my beliefs on my feelings is what got me involved with the JWs

    If that makes me a hater in your book, well, so be it.

  • cofty

    Thanks for bumping the thread, I had missed VindictiveGirl's rant from 14 days ago. Thanks for the laugh.

    Maranatha, why are so many christians so quick to judge and condemn others?

    Personally I never attack or ridicule people - I only criticise their superstitions. LisaRose is one of the most fair minded and reasonable contributors on the forum.

    Is your christian persecution complex playing up again?

  • Dis-Member

    If you believe that when you "don't see" a PM (or email) you have deleted that it means it's actually deleted and gone for good then you maybe naive about how computer systems typically operate. Most systems use what is called 'soft delete' which means they are filtered out but still very much there and they have to be to manage a site properly.

    I am very well aware that rarely anything is truely deleted Simon from forums (and it's not how computer systems operate as if they had a mind of their own.. it's more how computer systems operators operate and it does not make it right) I certainly understand you as the Admin of this forum keeping a backup of everything, I understand your point too regarding people behaving badly with abusing the messaging system. But does that not seem also like a little NSA & Big Brother-ish? Because a minority have misbehaved now every single person that ever sends any message any time for ever will have it saved and recorded for ever. Seems like a case of everyone losing freedoms and rights to their own info because of a few bad apples.

    That certainly is not correct.

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