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  • Maranatha

    I've never been on a website that doesn't allow you to delete your own personal messages. Why can we not do that on this site? What are your motives in keeping our personal messages? Why can't we delete our accounts either? Why is this website full of God-hating atheists? Are there no other atheist websites out there for you folks? The name of this website should be "Ex-JW, Now". What is the logic in preaching unbelief? If He doesn't exist to you, then why care so much?

  • steve2

    Hi Maranatha. Sorry that you've had such a negative experience on this forum. If someone's breached the rules you need to inform the moderators, because whether posters are believers in the Bible and God or not, they should be abiding by the posting guidelines. Also, please be reassured that people of many different backgrounds post on this forum. I've been posting nearly 10 years and have found a wide range of views.

    The anonymity of posts protects individuals. If you have unwittingly posted personal or private details that may reveal your identity against your wishes, please send a personal message to simon who may be able to help you. Best.

  • villagegirl

    I think controversy is supposed to draw greater

    numbers of viewers and therefore the site makes

    more money with advertising based on views.

    So fighting and bashing each other is good for

    Simon's business. This site has sometimes been

    a place of reason and sometimes it is just chaos.

    There seems to be no real theme or purpose except

    to bring up random subjects and debate. Sometimes

    it goes well and sometimes its a madhouse. There seem

    to be recurring and recycled topics, like re-hashing WT articles

    or referring to the same tired old false doctrines like the idea

    only special people are "anointed" and the idea there is a

    "governing body" as if these things are Biblical or Christian.

    Both the name of Jesus and the name of Jehovah are regularily

    mocked and spat on, as if God was responsible for the Watchtower

    and its idiot leaders. ( oh, I mean glorious ones)

    I imagine a lot of this comes from teenagers

    and people who do not care who is viewing their comments or

    care that this site is connected to religious group by its name.

    I think there is much harm done here. Especially for timid jw's

    who may be trying to get free and are depressed and confused

    as to how to do that or where to go. Is sad really. But until

    there is another forum that is better organized, here we are.

    I really am confused as to why atheists bother coming here,

    it seems so pointless for them. All they really have to say is

    "I don't believe in God" alright, so then what ? Basically you

    don't care what I believe and I don't care what you believe,

    so why are we even in the same conversation ?

    As far as informing the moderators, I pm'd simon and

    he ignored me and ignat took down some of my posts and

    p-messaged to "gird up my loins" whatever that means.

    She seems to detest me. One moderator has been

    reasonable. I try to be honest and straightforward.

    I was sent a PM once calling me a "bitch". But, I have

    also met very nice people here and even met

    up with some in person.

  • Fernando

    What steve2 so aptly said.

    Hang in there please Maranatha.

    There is amazing power in diversity.

    The opposite of divide and conquer.

    I'm sure this can get sorted and blow over.

    Greetings and blessings


  • steve2

    Hey sorry villagegirl that your experience has been so not positive. I may not have always agreed with you, but I admire your courage and conviction. One thought I had -- perhaps based on my own background - is that the organization itself invites a mocking tone by its very negative view of people using their own brains when the organization so wants to be able to tell people what to believe. Often people are reacting to that sort of thing. No excuse for people speaking to you offensively though. I feel for what you've been through. Best!

  • steve2

    Oh, forgot to say: I think it's not that fair to lump all atheists together, just as it's not fair to do so with believers, Christians included. We are all human - and the need to share experiences and connect with others from similar backgrounds is very human - there can be something beneficial in exchanging ideas with others - even when I don't subscribe to all they say.

    Surely the heat often comes from the way people speak, not so much what they say. Just as some Christians can come across as unempathic and judgemental, so too can athiests. Thoughtlessness is not the preserve of one "group" - although, depending on the thread, it may well appear as if every athiest and their son is attacking you just as on other threads, it's kind of like believers have the knives out. The shame is to conclude that's what all athiests and all believers are like.

  • Mikado

    Maybe the reason there is so many "god hating" atheists, now there's an oxymoron for you, is that our experiences within JW have given us a very good reason to be so...once you start to think for yourself it's a habit hard to quit.

    is there ary rule that atheists are not allowed to post here? maybe hearing other points of view will be a good thing for you....

  • villagegirl

    Steve2- I never object or have any problem with people

    dissecting the "organization" because this needs doing. draws in jWs and this studying with

    them. Saying the organization is a false prophet, teaches

    bogus unscriptural life harming ideas and that its leadership

    is dishonest, and clearly demonstrating that, with evidence,

    is desperately needed. But many cannot seem to seperate

    Jesus Christ from the Watchtower and start insulting God

    himself. That undermines any hope for the "sincere but deluded"

    jw who is peeking in on us and seeking answers. People forget

    who they may be speaking to and what effect it might have.

    Some posters seem to try to be as evil appearing as they can.

    (I suspect they are actually thirteen years old and hiding in the

    basement and have never done an evil deed in their life.)

    Atheists on the other hand, start attacking the Bible, and anyone

    who believes anything, and try to make out they are "scientists"

    There are no scientists here, trust me.

  • Mikado

    Village girl, how the hell would you know? The whole point is no one knows who most of the participants are on here, that's the beauty of this place.

  • villagegirl

    The argument usually goes: " I challenge believers to prove

    God exists." "Oh yeah, I challenge you to prove he does not

    exist." "Does not", "Does so", "Does Not", Does so", "Does not"

    Then the atheists turn this into personal attacks on the believer,

    and the atheist starts making up funny names for God.

    Its bloody irritating. Unfortunately I do not believe in Hell

    or I could derive some satisfaction by imagining them going there.

    I make reconsider that doctrine.

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