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  • objectivetruth

    I would like to get some opinions from you all..

    Have you known a lot of Witnesses that have dealt with Demon Issues? Have you personally dealt with Problems with Demons? What are your views on Demons and Witnesses?

    My wife and I have had a few conversations, and it seems that her entire Witness family (Excluding her) has battled with varying degrees of Demonic issues. Im trying to figure out if this Phenomenon is Geographical,Psychological,Cultural, or a combination of many things.

    In general I'm curious if Witnesses have more issues with Demons than non witnesses, and if so what are the Factors that effect this.

  • objectivetruth

    Personally I have never Heard,Seen,Sensed, or thought about the Presence of any Demon. However my wife who is From Brazil, has related stories of her Witness family in Brazil..

    these witnesses claim that they See Demons or Ghost's frequently,They hear them coming in and out of the house, they hear them playing the piano, and most intense they battle Demons in their Sleep. My mother in Law even claims that demons have tried to choke her before. (Im serious about all of this, and many of these are "High & Mighty" Elders,Pioneers)

    The wife of a circuit overseer in the Portuguese Circuit in America claims that she has had major battles with Demons her entire life, and it often brings her to tears, and keeps her from meetings when they are traveling.

    This is an interesting situation from a biblical perspective.. From what I have read, there are very few stories of Demon Posession in the Old Testament, because Demons are not permitted to Bother Jews or God's Servants (Generally). In the New Testament, many of the Demon possessed are Gentiles or Non-Believers.. With this view in mind, how can Demons effect so many Witnesses, if they are "God's Servants" and "God's Modern Day Channel"? If there is widespread Demon Posession, and infiltration, doesnt this prove that Jehovah's Witnesses are not God's Channel? I mean can you imagine Moses or Noah being Posessed by a Demon?

  • HeyThere

    I am very skeptical of any demons and/or spirit possessions, harrassments, etc. I have heard the stories...and often they are told relaying a story of what happened to someone they knew who knew somebody.

    Now, I have had crazy dreams, which I don't mind, but I could see a die hard witness freak out and think it was demons or Satan invading their mind.

    Okay, one sister told me she knew a sister who got sick every time she wore earrings she got at a garage sale. She threw them out because the demons were making her sick, so she never gets anything from garage sales. I still get things from garage sales, never an issue.

    I tend to think such experiences are manifested in the human mind. If you believe a demon can harrass you, then you would be more inclined to believe something is caused by demons when it really is just a dream, or a shadow, or whatever. But if you don't believe a demon is able to harrass you, then you are more likely to realize that the shadow isn't a demon but your curtain in the wind...

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    I will explain this if I can:

    1. When a person enters REM sleep their body will normally paralyze to prevent acting out dreams. This starts at the beginning of the dream phase and is followed by random images and sounds then a dream.

    2. If you wake up from a dream very quickly or you are dreaming and know its a dream and then wake up it is possible (probable in the later case) to wake up still in Paralysis.

    3. If you wake up in this state it is likely one of the scariest thing s person can experiance. Sounds, images manifesting themself on you chest, bedorom etc Again all part of dream imagry. Of course which you are seeing all this... you can't move... other then you breathing and eyes.

    4. Because you have been taught of demons etc... if you end up so scared in this state what images will manifest themselves? Make-Believe demons on your chest. Likely.

    I don;t belive in demons. Demons are made by REM sleep issuses


    If you ever end up in Sleep paralysis awake I suggest:

    1. Close your eyes and pick an image that flashes and go bak into a dream... fully aware and concious in the dream... Youre GOD in there.

    2. Breathe deep, shallow, deep, deep, shallow..... breathe in an ireggular pattern so your subcouncious realizes you are awake. In 10-15 second thr Paralysis will end.

  • truth_b_known

    In the 1970s my father did a study on the number of mentally ill becoming one of Jehovah's Witnesses. The number was high and he received orders from the Watchtower Society to bury the study. Historically, demon possession and other related topics are in reality persons dealing with physical or mental illness.

  • cantleave

    I keep praying to Satan and his Demon forces, they never give me any special skills - they are useless.

    In fact I am beginning to think they are no more real than God.

  • Ucantnome

    my close relative stayed with a friend at their house. he had left the witnesses at this time and told me he wasn't a believer. he would wait and see. however at this person's house they thought it was haunted and he agreed after staying the night. heard lots of strange noises. anyway at a latter time the friend and him used the ouija board. i can't recall the question he asked but it gave him two letters. very shortly after he became very ill and years later died of the condition in the hospital. the letters were the intials of the hospital. he believed there was a connection.

  • jookbeard

    same as Cantleave , I've constantly prayed and asked out loud to Satan and his merry team or demons to recruit me into their enclave of darkness and let me become an agent of evil but nothing , not a slammed door in an empty house or an object moving on its own etc, I've given up now.

  • NeonMadman

    Witnesses are more focused on demons than people are in other Christian groups, and that is because the WTS prints material from time to time describing experiences that are designed to arouse fear of demons in the minds of the rank and file. Other Christian groups are generally not as focused on demons (there are exceptions, of course) because the Bible does not encourage the fascination with demons seen among JWs.

    In Scripture, Satan comes against believers by accusing them before God, by propagating false teaching and by tempting them. Nowhere in the Bible do demons attack believers by jumping out from behind bushes and yelling “boo.” Only in Watchtower publications (and some similar Christian fringe groups) do we read of demons attacking people through moving objects, voices, strange apparitions, and even physical attacks.

    In fact, if the demons are attacking JWs in these ways, they're pretty stupid. My experience as a JW was that people who claimed to have had these experiences of demon attack almost always drew closer to the organization in an effort to counter the attacks. In 30 years as a JW, I never knew anyone who stopped being a JW so that the demons would leave them alone. If JWs did have the truth as they claim, the demons would have to be pretty dumb to attack them in that way, since it certainly didn’t accomplish the goal of making the JW fall away from the "truth."

  • Crazyguy

    I don't believe and think its a combination of superstition, mental illness and ignorance. But lets say its true and there are demons, why would they attack Jehovahs people the witnesses? Like posted above it would just prove a point and the witnesses would know their in gods religion and the demons would accomplish nothing. On the other hand, in the past gods people were protected by serving god, so the fact that the JW's reject Jesus blood and reject the new covenant, and do not for the most part listen to Jesus. Could this not show that these people are not Jehovah's people and are not protected by his holy spirit and so the Demons have carte blanche.

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