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  • apostrate


    You ask what I attribute that brothers experience to. This may sound weird but, I believe that many JW's want to fit in with the crowd, the group dynamics, and they will attribute to "demons" that which is pretty normal, mundane experiences.

    My friend who is still "in the truth", swears that the house that he was raised in with his sisters and aunt and uncle, was demonized and that he saw demon activity in the house. When I talked to his uncle, who is not in the "truth" and never was, he told me that it was all nonsense, no such things ever happened.

    At one time, when I was a teenager, we began hearing a "hoo-hoo" sound off and on over a period of time. It sounded a lot like an owl, but there were no owls anywhere near where we lived. Of course my mom immediately declared it was a demon. Probably brought in by ME! I had just recently bought a new "WHO" album, Quadrophenia of I remember correctly. (hoo-hoo, The WHO).

    Well, after a few days we found the demon. It was my brothers spider monkey. We never knew a monkey could sound so much like an owl!

    And then there were just dozens, if not hundreds of stories that I heard from the brothers and sisters about the same things we hear so often, you know, trinkets bought at garage sales, second hand stores, etc. You know, "Something weird happened, must've been that knick-knack I bought at Goodwill", etc.

    It just always seemed to me that ALL Witnesses just WANT to have their own DEMON story. They don't feel complete without one!

  • objectivetruth

    Good points apostrate - I hadn't thought of the angle that Witnesses WANT personal Demon stories. Group Dynamics in this Group are SOO weird.

    I NEVER understood the whole concept that Demons dwell within Objects, it really doesnt make any sense, and there is no Biblical Precedent for it.

    Here is a Cooky Example..

    Im sure many of you remember the Urban Legend that circulated the Organization in the Late 90's. Something to the effect of a Group of Smurfs were Animated by Demons and these Demonic Smurfs all pranced into a Kingdom Hall, terrifying all of the Witnesses by Running Around and all over the Kingdom Hall. This rumor was literally Worldwide, from The US to Japan! (I couldn't make this stuff up)

    So to apply some Logic to this rumor, and other Rumors that State Demons can make Dolls or Other Objects make noises and move & speak :

    Jeremiah 10:5 " Their idols are like scarecrows in a cucumber field, and they cannot speak; they have to be carried, for they cannot walk. Do not be afraid of them, for they cannot do evil, neither is it in them to do good.”

    If a Demon can make an object Speak & Walk and Do Evil, this Scripture is made Void.

  • Focus

    Advice from Focus: Don't have food or drink to mouth when reading the following. I accept no liability for damage due to involuntary demon-inspired expulsions thereof.


    "Giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of demons" ( 1 Tim. 4:1 ) "spirits in high positions" ( Eph. 6:12 ) "The heathen sacrifice to devils and not to God" ( 1 Cor. 10:20 )

    The Bible's teaching that the earth's atmosphere is infested with evil spirits is now very generally disbelieved. As a result of the disbelief thousands of well-meaning people are being the more easily entrapped by these evil spirits. The blight is both physical and moral. The usual method of procedure is to arouse curiosity. While the quest for knowledge proceeds, an influence much like that of hypnotism affects the investigator, impelling him forward to further investigation. Sometimes the curiosity is attracted through the outer senses, at spiritualistic seances, with ouija boards, etc. At other times it is by spirit rappings. Again, it may be by whisperings in the ear, inaudible to others. At other times the messages come through trance mediums.

    In every instance these communications purport to come from dead human beings. This of itself gives to the communication a special charm to many. They feel honored in being sought out by the dead and in being able to communicate with them. They are curious for information respecting the hereafter. They forget that they have been taught from infancy that the holy dead are far off in heaven, and that the unholy dead are far off in torment.


    How fully this is forgotten is shown by a letter which we received on the first day of this month from a Catholic lady. In it she tells how she first obtained clairvoyant powers the gift of hearing what others could not hear. This, in turn, permitted her to communicate with the evil spirits, the fallen angels. These, representing themselves to her as inmates of purgatory, came to her for help. They solicited her prayers and were progressing to get her more and more under their control. Just in time she was rescued through reading our writings on the subject. Since then she has exercised her will and her prayers against having any fellowship whatever with these fallen angels. Gradually she is becoming more and more enlightened in the Truth of God's Word.

    Not infrequently do these spirits personate the Heavenly Father and Christ, urge more prayer, accuse of sin, recommend the reading of the Scriptures, etc. This appears to be with a view to gaining the confidence, the relaxing of the will. Later on dishonorable suggestions are made. The Bible is scorned, prayer is laughed at. If, then, the subject takes fright and seeks to break the hypnotic chain, the evil spirits laugh at him, swear at him, and sometimes tell him that they will shortly have him fully in their power to roast him forever. If he attempts to pray, they intrude and interrupt and tell him that God would not hear him now, that he has gone too far, etc.

    With some the matter goes so far that the human will is broken down completely and the spirits obsess them and use their bodies foolishly sometimes viciously, sometimes insanely, until, finally, they are pronounced dangerous and committed to asylums. We do not claim that all the insane are obsessed of evil spirits, but so far as we can judge, nearly one-half of the inmates in asylums are obsessed by demons, who live in them while they are mastering their wills.


    God, through His Word, has forewarned His people against these delusions. In permitting many, nevertheless, to fall into these traps, He is merely teaching a great lesson; the terrible results of disobedience, of neglect of God's Word, are not eternal. The Divine arrangement is that ultimately the entire human family shall be released from the bonds of sin and death, ignorance and superstition, and all have full opportunity for coming into full harmony with God. The present lesson will illustrate the necessity for searching the Scriptures and obeying God's voice therein.


    St. Paul, in describing our day, declares one of its prominent signs to be that many will now give heed to these seducing spirits, whose teachings and practices lead away from God. St. Paul intimates also that by these misleading spirits many will come to hold doctrines of demons, or devilish doctrines. It is a sad commentary upon our wonderful day of enlightenment that the most enlightened people should hold the most awful doctrine respecting the hereafter.

    A doctrine of demons it most surely is which tells, to the dishonor of God's name, that nine hundred and ninety-nine out of every thousand of humanity are to be eternally tortured, either because of Divine incompetence to make better arrangements for them, or because God willed and foreordained it so before creation. This doctrine of demons has enslaved many honorable people who would themselves scorn to make such a plan of the ages as they attribute to God.

    Thank God, the time is not far distant when these seducing spirits will be completely bound, restrained, and deceive humanity thus no more. But the deception has so long prevailed that poor humanity is thoroughly under its control. The falsehood leading up to all this error is Satan's first lie to our parents in Eden. There, contradicting the words of God, he said, "Ye shall not surely die." Ever since, for six thousand years, he has worked along this line, and all the fallen angels with him. His message is, "Ye shall not surely die" you do not surely die; when men seem to die, they become more alive than before they died.

    On account of these errors, that dead men are alive, Satan and the fallen angels, contrary to the teachings of the Bible, have instilled into the whole world, nonsensical, heathen superstitions respecting heaven, purgatory and hell. The Catholics pray for those who go to Purgatory, to help them out. Protestants do not so pray, believing that the saintly few go direct to heaven and all of the unsaintly go as directly to eternal torture.

    If this great lie wherewith Satan first seduced Mother Eve and murdered our race could be fully eliminated from our minds and our creeds, it would mean a religious revolution to both Catholics and Protestants back to the Bible and away from the domination and seduction of the lying spirits, the fallen angels, who personate humanity.


    So far as we can learn from those who have once been spirit mediums, the trend of Spiritism is toward unchastity, impurity. And this agrees well with the Scriptural declaration relative to the sin through which these fallen angels first became reprobate.

    St. Jude (6) and St. Peter ( 2 Pet. 2:4 ), tell us briefly of the fall of the angels that "they left their own habitation and kept not their first estate." Both Apostles mention the circumstance in connection with human lasciviousness. The story of the fall of the angels is given us briefly in Gen. 6:1-4 . After man's fall into sin God permitted the holy angels to have communication with humanity. And because human eyes cannot see spirit beings, God permitted the angels to materialize. For instance, we note the case of the angels who visited Abraham on the plains of Mamre and for whom he prepared a veal dinner. We read that, materialized, these angels were like men, and taken by Abraham to be men, while they ate and talked with him. It was subsequently that Abraham learned that they were really heavenly visitants.

    So it was with all the angels before the flood. They were permitted to materialize and to appear in every sense of the word as men. The record shows that the angels became lustful. We read, "The sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair and took unto themselves wives of such as they chose." The angels, with superior powers and superior knowledge to man's, acted as the masters of men, who were practically obliged to do their bidding. The result is stated in few words. The children of this mis-alliance, we are told, were giants as compared with the ordinary members of our race. And not only were they giants physically, but also intellectually- "They were men of renown." Poor humanity could not compete with this race. The result was that strife and contention and lustful, sinful practices abounded in all the earth until God declared that every imagination of the thoughts of man's heart was only evil continually.

    God had foreknown all this, and a canopy of waters, which then surrounded the earth, similar to Saturn's rings now, was held in readiness to cause a flood, that sinful men and the human offspring of the angels might be destroyed. Only Noah and his family were found worthy of preservation to be the new start of humanity this side of the flood. The declaration of the Scriptures respecting Noah's family is, "Now Noah was perfect in his generation." He was properly generated or born so were his children. There was no strain or admixture of the angelic stock in that family. The plain information is that the remainder of humanity were so degraded by the seductions of those fallen angels that they were not fit to live. The entire race had become corrupt.


    Of course, the fallen angels were not destroyed in the flood, for they not only had the power to materialize, but also the power to dematerialize. It was at that time, however, that all of the fallen angels were put under restraints not permitted again to materialize, the limitation lasting "until the Judgment of the great Day."

    Their chains are not physical, to confine them to a certain place in Tartarus the earth's atmosphere. They may roam at will, but are chained, or restrained from materializing. The intimation of the Scriptures seems to be that, with the ending of this Gospel Age, just prior to the inauguration of the New dispensation, these evil spirits may be allowed to break their chains and manifest themselves as men, in connection with the great trouble time incidental to the change of Dispensation.

    Separated from God and the holy angels, and unable to assume human bodies, the sinful angels have probably had terrible experiences during the past forty-four hundred years. True happiness is not to be expected amongst those alienated from God. Anger, malice, hatred, strife, "works of the devil," the Apostle says, are not compatible with the love, joy and peace which belong alone to a condition of holiness. Under such circumstances we cannot wonder that these fallen angels would seek association with humanity. Being under the control of Satan as a chief or prince of devils, they have followed his course and propagated his original falsehood- "Ye shall not surely die." They have conjured to men's minds the hell of the heathen, the hell and Purgatory of the Catholics, and, worst of all, our Protestant misconception of awful and unending torture for all except the saintly few.

    These doctrines of demons have increased the gulf between God and humanity and have made the Bible, the Message of God's love, a book of terrors not to be loved, merely to be endured or kept as a fetish to secure possibly a cooler place in purgatory. We may safely say that all the false doctrines of Christendom, represented in all of the creeds of the "Dark Ages," are doctrines of demons. Our minds became defiled our hymn-books, our creeds, everything.

    Thank God that the light of the New Dispensation is now bringing to us the beginning of blessing release from some of our darkness. The seeing of the true wage of sin that it is death and not eternal torment is one of the most important features connected with our enlightenment. When we learn that the dead are really dead and, as the bible declares, will not know anything until the resurrection, then we begin to see the beauty of God's Plan the need of Christ's death, the need of His second coming; the need of His Kingdom; the need of a resurrection; the need of an opportunity for all mankind to come to a clear knowledge of the great Truth of redemption through the precious blood and the opportunity then, by God's grace, of attaining eternal life either during this Gospel Age, as New Creatures, spirit beings like unto the angels, or in the New Dispensation, during the more general salvation of the world to human perfection in an earthly Paradise.


    Our great Redeemer manifested His power by casting out demons from those who had become obsessed. And we read further that He commissioned His Apostles to heal all manner of diseases and to cast out unclean spirits. We are told that they did this and numerous instances, in illustration, are given us. One man was obsessed by a legion of these spirits. No wonder the poor fellow was crazy. But after they were cast out he was clothed and in his right mind and became a disciple ( Luke 8:26-36 ).

    St. Paul and Silas had an experience with an obsessed young woman who practiced soothsaying, fortune-telling, by the power of the evil spirit which obsessed her. As the evil spirits recognized Jesus and cried, "We know Thee, who Thou art, Jesus," so this spirit knew the Apostles and, through the young woman's lips, cried after them, "These be the servants of the Most High God, which show to us the way to obtain eternal life" ( Acts 16:16-18 ).

    Neither Jesus nor the Apostles were willing to accept demon testimony and commanded the evil spirits to come out of their victims.


    The Scriptures indicate that there will be a wonderful activity amongst the fallen angels in the close of this Gospel Age. The Master declared that the deceptions would be such that, if it were possible, the "very elect" would be deceived. But that will not be possible, because Divine providence stands engaged to protect the elect. The Ninety-First Psalm, which gives a picture of the closing of this Age and its sundry trials and tests, declares that God will give His messengers a charge concerning the feet members of the body of Christ in all their ways lest a foot should be dashed against a stone of stumbling ( Psa. 91:12 ).

    If our understanding of the Scriptures be correct, we need not be surprised if the fallen angels may again seemingly gain a victory over the Divine restraints and materialize in broad daylight'personating not only the dead, but also at times personating the living. Spiritists and mediums are claiming such things as already beginning and likely to be accomplished on a grand scale shortly. Should it come it will inaugurate a terrible time of trouble such as had not been since the flood. God's people, while resting confidently and at ease under Divine supervision, should be on the alert to resist everything akin to Spiritism, Occultism, Hypnotism, and to warn their friends respecting these things.

    Numerous scientific men are being entrapped by these lying spirits whose doings and powers they are investigating under the name of Psychic Phenomena.

    Thank God we are nearing the time when Satan shall be bound and when every evil influence shall be restrained. Not only will there be a full cleansing from a physical obsession, but a still greater cleansing and freeing from the doctrines of demons."

    - From "Harvest Gleanings III", pp 465-8

    Don't confuse the above with Rutherford's 1919 32-page tract, "DEMONS INFEST EARTH'S ATMOSPHERE", which I understand is crazier still.



    ("They're nuttier than you think" Class)

  • kaik

    JWs have unhealthy obsession and fascination of demons. They believe in them more than any other group I have encountered. In my Czechoslovakia, I had run into such ridiculous claims done by witnesses:

    1. Demons cause arousal for males during night
    2. Elder told me that demon wanted to play a soccer with him and when he was alone the soccer ball started mysteriously bounced. He got rid off the ball.
    3. Sister claimed that surrealistic painting she inherited was a self-portrait of the demon. She had hard time to burn it and insisted that the picture was jumping from the fireplace and made strange shreiking sounds. Yeah for real!.
    4. Demons have caused for gay men to enjoy homosexual sex.
    5. Demon attempted to atack an elder during the field service. Elder walked into something and crack his the countryside
    6. Demons can be heared in every music, even classical. One brother was DF for disagreeing, he was playing instrument in the local state opera performing mostly baroque music
    7. In the 1980's some brothers were attacked by demons when a bookshelves fall on them during book study, injuring severals. The possibility that bookshelve was not properly mounted into the wall was immediatelly dismissed.

    Jehovah witnesses put so much power into the hands of the demons that you ask where are the angles... Blank stares....

  • WTWizard

    Where are the Demons? Where were the Demons when joke-hova was pushing the opposite sex out of my life in preparation to make me fall for the cancer the first time? Where are they today when Saturn is about to repeat its transit through the same sign it was in the first time I joined? Or, is it that joke-hova pushed them out of my life before I ever had a chance, so I would end up in the cancer, making a potentially legally enforceable agreement to serve that thing forever, and then get "I'll see you at the meeting, or I'll see you in court" which is a surefire loss for me without Demons? Something tells me that Saturn will not get far into Sagittarius without me being threatened seriously in this way, and forcibly dragged right back into the cancer.

    And they have the nerve to accuse Satan of being intrusive?

  • Focus

    I simply know this one is demonized:

    I am sure you can sense it too...



    ("Gedanken" Class)

  • Ucantnome

    Have you known a lot of Witnesses that have dealt with Demon Issues? Have you personally dealt with Problems with Demons?

    When I was a witnesses there were two occasions when we thought we had demon problems. The first one was when i was very young and we were never sure but we disposed of some a game i had been given by a magician. Some years later we had another problem. These are some of the things that happened in a short period of a few months.

    The fireplace in the bedroom I shared with my older brother was boarded up, but I heard something banging, fluttering against the plywood panel. I was almost 10 and had no idea what it was. I got my older brother who listened and we then got my parents. We all heard it. My father said it's a bird that has fallen down the chimney. He would remove the panel and free the bird. We covered the floor and beds as it would probably be sooty and my father got his tools and carefully removed the panel. All the while we heard the fluttering against the plywood panel as he prised it away. He slowly lowered the board and fluttering stopped and there was a bird a dead bird a skeleton on a heap of soot.

    A while later one evening my parents were sitting in the kitchen they were alone in the house they heard a commotion in the upstairs bathroom my mother and father looked at each other puzzled as to how someone had gotten into the house, they then heard someone come out the bathroom and coming down the stairs my father grabbed the kitchen stool he was sitting on and went out to confront the intruder but nobody was there.

    Another night my father who was the last one to go to bed turned out the light in the hallway and something pushed past him and went into the kitchen. He raced up the stairs into the bedroom and my mother said she'd never seen him frightened like this before. He came back out to go down a little later and when he got to the top of the stairs he could see the "apparition" about three or four steps up from the bottom of the stairs. I had already seen it myself few days earlier, didn’t think much about it. Thought I heard the dining room door open and close the sound of it the door opening and closing was heard by my mother. She came out of the kitchen as I came down the hallway and we went into the dining room expecting to see one of my relatives that lived in the house the room was empty.

    My relative, when my parents were out, described in detail their drive home from the field service although he didn't know where they had gone. Telling me finally that they had pulled up outside and they were at the front door and they were. We were at the back of the house. I asked my parents where they had been and the drive home, which way they had come and my relative was correct

    At one time coming down the stairs the front door and surrounding wall seemed to disappear and I could see clearly the front garden, the road and i distinctly remember looking at the roses that grew in the front

    There were some other things that happened through this period, lights being switched on and off that sort of thing. My parents believed the problems came from some items that had come from someone (I understood that the someone communicated with spirits) that my relative who we lived with had brought into the house. The relative was not a believer and and my father had an argument with him one evening about it. Sometime later the relative had a change of mind and wrapped up the item and would not dispose of it in the dust bin but took it some way off to a public bin.

    We had no more problems.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Of course I had demon experiences as a jw. As soon as I left and stopped believing in demons, I had no more demo experiences. A jw fears these imaginary critters, tells other jws all about them, and before you know it, smurfs are walking around in kingdom halls and the Jws are even more scared. Add to that those jw publications that are always rabbiting on about demons, and you've got a bunch of jittery, addled brains seeing things that aren't there.

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