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  • smiddy

    I see this as the thin edge of the wedge , the G.B. trying to be more relevant in this world , yet unleashing an openess they wont be able to control .

    It`s like a crack in the wall of a dam , the water just trickles through first , then eventually a great torrent , and then the wall collapses .

    The old fogeys are dying off and the new generation of witnesses are more liberal , more relaxed , more permissive.

    We are seeing the beginnings of a "NEW WORLD SOCIETY " of jehovahs witnesses , LOL.


  • konceptual99

    Local Witnesses joyfully open their hearts thinking the leash has slackened!

    Is this a harbinger of a change for the better?

    No. The leash will snap tight after the last delegate flies back home.

    Spot on Steve!

  • stuckinarut2

    I sent the video of the entertainment in that Kingdom Hall...along with Pharrels song etc...

    The reply from an elder here was complete disgust! He thought it was made up....

  • RichardHaley

    "I just wish they would admit they are having a 100 year birthday party. In suits."


    Hilarious but true.

  • Magnum

    stuckinarut2, I don't completely understand your last post. To whom did you send the video? I'm interested because I was thinking of showing it to a few JWs in my area and I want to verify what you're saying. Are you saying that an elder in your area was disgusted by it and thought it was made up?


    My head is exploding. Can somebody please help me out here?? What the hell am I looking at in that first video?? In all of them actually! From their dress I can see they are JWs, but beyond that...what's going on?? Singing, dancing-ish, merry-making in JW attire on what appears to be JW property...?

    What gives? Did Jesus return? What, where, who...when did all this start...and why!??

    All of you seem to know what this is about. I, though, am stunned and don't get it. Clue me in.


    Captive 7/1972 - 2/2001

  • LogCon

    This post has had over 2200 views after one day.

    This must be a new record.

    Is there any way to easily access number of views on postings without going into each one? If not, it may be good research project for someone with lots of time on their hands and nothing else to do.

  • BluesBrother

    Besty said it

    still promoting medical suicide and shunning disbelievers? everything else is just jerking your leash...

    This is America. I would be very surprised if it happens like this on our side of the pond. British dubs have been reminded to be hospitable to the International Delegates, identified by a special type of Assembly Badge. I know that London congs have been making gifts and preparing for them..but treating them like royalty? I dont think so.

    N B If I had got off that bus and had to make that walk past the adoring crowd, I would either have got back on, or made a bolt for it in the other direction!

    The sign saying "Jesus Welcomes You" was more like the evangelical groups... It will not be lost on the G B, Something tells me that they will not be pleased..

  • frankiespeakin

    Hey I thought I saw some brothers in the videos get down and wearing tight pants internationally designed by gay men to get more eye candy. I think Anthony Morris the 3rd must not have seen this one or I'm sure he would have banned its production.

    I'm sure Lett didn't get a chance to ban the one where the JWs are acting all worldly by waving things in the air as a sign of greeting because I think he banned it at one convention he spoke at that left the friends in a queery over what to do.

  • Oubliette

    Besty: everything else is just jerking your leash...

    A Tug on the Leash (The Authority Which the GB Wields Over the R&F)

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