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  • Ocean1111

    If a block changes from gold to tin, the analog is the atoms change. What is reflected on the outside is signal Bethel is not the same on the inside, and the gradual subversion must be purposeful and reaching a pre final coup crescendo. JWs are what one would call "drunk" on the Bethel wine, that is why they are the only ones who cannot see it.

    Bethel is the final apostasy, plain and simple. One cannot reform a last century Christian model of the first century faith for 50 years and then slip back to the mire and expect it to go well in the end. Bethel may appear to live in a spiritual vacuum, but in reality Bethel is subject to judgment like anything else, even more so given it's valid attempt at earlier Christian reform that did draw a definite line between real Christianity and the production from which it was drawn, and has now returned.

    Expect some "Biblical proportions" developments on Bethel in the coming days, but do not buy their "prophecy is fulfilling brothers!" self fulfilling prophecy cover up. Bethel is going down (hard) by it's own hand, aided from within, for it's UN NGO core interests. There is no way this trend of Bethel lawlessness is simply random or acceptable given Bethel's former claims, and the seeds it now has sown. Bethel will be made an example, and both sides of the power equation agree on this destiny, but for diamtric purposes.

  • Pterist

    Infowarrior ****I never thought I would see these things happen in the Watchtower*****

    I remember back to my first congregation of JWs in Ireland where the local "dubs" (Dubliner's) were exactly like this, happy, loud, and warm. LOL

    The local "dub" elders would lease out conference rooms in hotels, occasionsally and had clothing, (mens suits, women's dresses and kids clothing) made avialable for the poorer brothers and sisters, while we also had entertainment, music, dance, food, and not too few drinks ;)

    This congregation to me was what a religion was all about, a brotherhood, a spiritual family, I was so happy. However, in my naïveté, I later found out that these get togethers were not officially approved by the "legalists" in the congregation and we were regarded as liberal and marked as spiritually weak.

    Most if not all of these brother and sisters came to relize after Ray Franz was disfellowshipped that there was no real "love" in this cold calculating organisation. Incidentally, some of the elders went to Brooklyn to get more information about Ray and subsequently disfellowshipped, which resulted in a mass exodus (at least 50 people) of the local Dubliners after the legalists witch hunt.

    iMHO this new display of how things should be, is pure propaganda. !

    This is documented on this forum ...the 1980s split in Ireland ..elders John May etc

    thanks to Dogpatch and others

  • millie210

    Funny thing is, other than us talking about it, most JWs dont seem aware that any of this has happened.

    I dont see or hear anything about this anywhere else.

    I have sent the videos to some friends that are still in and their opinion seems to be that these are isloated random incidents.

    I cant see how that could possibly be true.

  • villagegirl

    Just Kidding - Do you think they will be relaxed enough to

    allow open disagreement with the Governing Body ?

    Will everyone now start speaking to people they have "marked"

    and will disfellowshipping and shunning now stop ? Will they

    start soup lines for the hungry ? Hand out clothes to the poor

    and include non-jws in charity ? Will they now celebrate birthdays?

    JW's have always been big drinkers, and look at Jw's in the music

    industry. I remember parties with dancing 30 years ago and drinking.

    They used to have live music bands at the assemblies. But they still

    have false prophesy, and do not believe everyone is part of the body

    of Christ and they are still ruled by eight old men who have absolute

    authority and are unelected. Women are still treated like second class

    citizens and children still are isolated and uneducated.

    The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is world famous, it does not make

    Mormonism any less of a cult.

  • AlphaMan

    they are still ruled by eight old men who have absolute authority and are unelected.


    Not quite. The GB member who looked like Grampa from The Munsters died. The JW Governing Body 8 Octopope is now the 7 headed Governing Body beast.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Stuff like this is only for the sake of trying to make the International Crapventions a little more "special."

    When I went, it was to foreign capitals where there was lots of other "worldly" stuff to do. I could actually make an interesting vacation out of these. But an IC in Atlanta or Detroit? Ugh. The sheeple would have to fly somewhere else to have fun. So instead, the foreigners are "privileged" to this type of JW entertainment. Such a waste of vacation time and hard-earned money for these travellers.

  • SuperBoy

    The cheering of the delegates I'm sure is glorifying individuals!

    It's all very "happy clappy" and distasteful.

  • factfinder

    These are the "new" Jehovah's Witnesses.


  • sparrowdown

    Modern JW org= The Morg

    I don't care how much of this pep-rally style of worship they try to intoduce to prove "the happy god" exists in them.

    It still a cult.

  • steve2

    Local Witnesses joyfully open their hearts thinking the leash has slackened!

    Is this a harbinger of a change for the better?

    No. The leash will snap tight after the last delegate flies back home.

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