Is this a new "This Generation" or not?

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  • Crazyguy

    The first generation was born around 1900, thier kids roughly 1925. This means the first are all dead and the second is 89 years young so most are now dead. Ones around 65 to 70 are the third generation of the first and are now dying. When the GB said "This Generation" means overlapping, they called Jesus a liar because a perfect man so the story goes would not have a speach impediment..

  • Splash

    Oubliette, what if someone was born in 1950 then anointed in 1970?

    They would overlap with Freddy Franz, and would continue to live until approx 2030.

    This means that the 'generation' lasts from your 1852 until 2030 - a 'generation' that spans 180 years.

    The groups are:

    1. Those anointed and died before 1914 such as the apostles.

    2. Those anointed before 1914 but who died after it, like Freddy Franz

    3. Those who were anointed after 1914 but overlapped with the previous group, like Sanderson

    4. Those who were anointed after 1914 but not in time to overlap with group 2, eg someone who gets anointed today.

    "This Generation" includes group 2 and 3 only.


  • Splash

    Crazy guy The first generation was born around 1900

    The first generation actually started to be born around 1840, maybe even 1830. They finished being born around 1900.


  • Ocean1111

    It is what it is. Engineered purposeful waffling to stumble people while making the opposite claims. It hides in plain sight, the plummeting JW growth stats prove it is effective as a technique of subversion from within Bethel. Purposeful contradiction such as this, and other new confusions, cannot be accidental. Sometimes people JW pro and con cannot call the extreme obvious for what it clearly is.

  • Oubliette

    Splash: This means that the 'generation' lasts from your 1852 until 2030 - a 'generation' that spans 180 years.

    Or longer! Using Franz' life as a model, he lived for 78 years after he was baptized/anointed. If you add 78 to 1992 (his death), you arrive at the year 2070. That's more than 200 years for a single "overlapping generation," a period that spans three different centuries. Ridiculous!!!

    Splash: 3. Those who were anointed after 1914 but overlapped with the previous group, like Sanderson

    Do you know whether or not Sanderson began partaking and before Franz' death?

    He would have had to claimed to be of the anointed when he was only in his mid 20s, possible, but not too likely as a JW in the early '90s.

    This is why I wrote above that I believe the implication is that the newest member to the GB, Mark Sanderson, is categorically NOT a member of the "second part" of the "overlapping generation." It is not likely that he began partaking until AFTER Fred Franz died.

    This is, I believe, the reason why this week's WT came up with the third group of "anointed ones."

    Thus, not every anointed person today is included in “this generation” of whom Jesus spoke.- WT, January 15, 2014, p. 31, paragraph 16

  • steve2

    "God's Kingdom Rules"is a superb example of how man contorts ancient texts to make them mean pretty much what he wants them to mean. He can even contradict his earlier interpretations, proving that creative flourishes are both religiously necessary and forgivable and have never had anything to do with the quest for Truth. It's all about buying more time - Impression Management writ large.

    Focus, your comment tnat the writing staff must have been writing their heads off is too flattering of their benighted intellects. I'd say they'd be feeling kinda proud of themselves - like the dismal trails of would-be interpreters who thrashed around the writing department before them. The ghosts of Russell, Rutherford, Knorr and Franz are operating still within the Watchtower - er, I mean within


    So what happens when ONLY SAnderson is left and the rest of the current GB are dead?!?! They will be forced to flip-flop, or make up some noo-light.



    Hey, Oub. Aren't we forgetting CTR's Father and friends with whom he studied?? They were also "anointed" were they not?? Where do they fit in??

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    Of course Russell and his friends did not have the current "understanding" of 1914. They anticipated that 1914 would usher in unprecedented peace under the rule of the Zionists.

    And we can see how peaceful they are.


  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    Yes, its new light, because if you measure the distance in millimetres between 1914 and the old dude in dark red who did (presumably around 1992-1994 typified by Fred Franz), then you can measure the distance in millimitres from that old dead dude to the next line that says "Destruction of Babylon the Great" you can calculate the approximate year the great tribulation will start! LOL!

    This absolutely disgusting and ridiculous overlapping generation doctrine is the final nail in the coffin to prove it is nothing but a twisting, lying, devious cult. It's just so absolutely obvious that it is a purely artificial, contrived lot of self-serving nonsense so far removed from what Jesus meant it is laughable. How anyone with a shred of intellectual honesty in the Watchtower organisation can continue to give their loyal support to the organisation after this just shows that JW's don't love truth.

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