Is this a new "This Generation" or not?

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  • Focus

    The Writing Staff must have been laughing their heads off when they came up with this... a perversion of what they taught before.

    Yes, this is a full acknowledgement that the teachings about "the generation of 1914" during the period from about 1918 to about 2006 were a fraud from start to finish, and that now "the generation" means whatever they want it to mean. By using an overlap, they've doubled the span.



    ("Anti-Scam" Class)

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    I suppose the sentence that interested me is: "The apostles would soon be anointedwith holy spirit" (italics are mine). And Jesus was speaking to them "privately" (as he does to the GB). So is the WTS including the apostles (or disciples) whom Jesus was speaking to as part of "this generation"?

    If it were saying this, then their "this generation" continues until there is no more "anointed one" (on Earth), making it quite open-ended and unrelated to a time period, or maybe no longer related to 1914.

    Of course, the argument would be raised that when Jesus said these to his apostles (disciples?), they were not yet part of the WTS's "anointed" so they were not yet part of "this generation".

    Or am I crediting the WTS with too much thinking ability in this para?


  • AlphaMan

    This over-lapping generation stuff is a desperate attempt by the Watchtower to extend this scam of a religion called Jehovah's Witnesses. Only a brain washed idiot would accept this explaination after all the decades of the JW 1914 this generation will not pass away before the end teaching. I sit here and laugh in their face for believing this bat-shit crazy nonsense.

  • prologos

    This of course are not new ideas by wt writers. is it not light since circa 1995 ?. what is interesting is

    the illustration on page 12 [thank you focus],-- the 2 groups overlapp 60 years out of 100 each, rather than just a death bed visit. so it is not 2075 they want us to believe.

    Of course, the " soon to be anointed" in the story did not literally SEE the destruction of Jerusalem, because they were told to get out of there, during the lull in the fighting. and not look back.--remeber the wife of Lot.

    funny that the first generation did not have to overlapp though. and that the destruction of Jerusalem roughly co-incides with the supposed write-up of these,-- then already 40 year old oral oracles / prophecies.

    wt writers are great mind - readers of ancient and very ancient, eternal personae.

    Obviously they are not able to do it in real time, otherwise they would not have to go to these convoluted pretzel explanations, that nobody does,-- or should take seriously.

  • RichardHaley

    The "generation" that died wandering in the wilderness for 40 years was without "overlapping" needs also.

  • Terry

    The way I see it is this. By appearing to explain without actually explaining, the WTS has destroyed "meaning."

    A "word" is a signal or signifyer. The WTS for all those many years, use the signifyer as a COUNTDOWN CLOCK.

    The ticking clock of a soon-to-expire generation created an easy-to-understand URGENCY.

    The Watch Tower rests firmly on the concept of SHORTNESS of TIME.

    In context, Jehovah's Witnesses have been running a "GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE" as a scam.

    Once the feasibility of "generation" bled out into fantasy, an emergency occurred. Old-timers and Long-timers

    were hanging on to the Million Now Living Will Never Die scam as a lifeline to believability.

    Here is a simple question: WHY USE THE WORD GENERATION AT ALL? Aren't there other ways which better express the "information?"

    The WTS is "clouding the issue" with techno-babble.

    Rule of thumb: "A word which can mean anything actually means nothing." Example: GENERATION

  • prologos

    richard: well said the two male survivors caleb, Joshua needed no overlapping. of course

    wt writers could get rid of this 1914 mess by just falling back onto their nu lite " no faithful slave before 1919 " idea .

    If 1914 in its many incarnations was a prediction of Russel and predecessors, all not part of the later coming F and DS, why bother, take it seriously?

    they deftly steer around some of the teaching's of Jesus and the Apostles too, who are no part of the earthely faithful salve either.

  • cofty

    This generation was the generation he was in. He told the disciples it would happen in his and thier lifetime. He told those standingin front of hime that some of them would still be alive when he returned in his kingdom and they (the apostles) would not finish going through all the tribes of Israel before he came back .So then he was either lieing, misleading them or it happened as he said.

    I agree with ever word.

    He was a false prophet. The end.

  • givemejustalittlemoretime

    The faithful and discreet slave were either the holy spirt,the apostles or jesus christ

  • prologos

    terry, they have the Bible in WTBTS and it uses the greek word "GENEA" in the text, perhaps Jesus really did not spoke greek, , but it is to the writers.

    good point about the constant urgency.

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