What Specifically Are the "Sins" Due to Imperfection that We Commit Each Day ?

by RubaDub 17 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Apognophos

    Don't tell me that you don't check out at least one of the sisters during the whole meeting.

  • baltar447

    Sin is a false construct to keep people enslaved to false authority -baltar 4:47

  • snakeface

    Sin is, like, not believing that the governing body are the custodians of the benefits of Christ's sacrifice. The mediator between Christ and the human race.


  • Vidiot

    sir82 - "The Wild One"

    Was it really?

    Huh; I'd always thought it was Rebel.


  • Apognophos

    I'm a bit insulted that RubaDub proclaimed himself sinless a few hours ago and hasn't been back to answer for himself (I'm only half-serious here, btw). If he doesn't want to admit his inner fantasies about women in the congregation, surely he found himself wishing the meeting was over a bit sooner, or avoiding someone there that he didn't want to talk to, etc. etc.

  • WTWizard

    You get up--do you grumble that you have to be up so early? Did you have even the slightest disagreement with anything in the washtowel? Were you paying absolute attention to the boasting session? Could you have volunteered to do assignments? While in field circus, did you screw up and blow a call or miss a chance to get someone home? Could you have stayed out even a second later? What about donating--could you have done just a little more? Or, did you hesitate before giving what could have been a whole tub of silver? You saw someone else's car--did you wish yours had something present in that car or that it was in as good a condition? Did you pray before every meal and at every possible occasion? If so, could it have been better? If there were holiday decorations around, did you display the "proper" attitude toward them?

    Other things could include hating someone secretly (often with good reason), cracking under the pressure of receiving abuse, and possibly thinking about sex. People that do those things are creating resistance for joke-hova, and that thing doesn't want such. That thing wants you spiritually dead, and most of the rules are intended to that end. It is so you will be the perfect slave. As Jesus was the archetype of the perfect slave, it is held as the epitome of perfection. That way, people will try to emulate it--and, to the extent they are successful, be perfect slaves. And, when they "sin", they will feel shame and guilt, thus reducing this resistance and bringing them closer to being perfect slaves.

  • designs

    All the normal things about being human- eating, pooping, thoughts, sex are sins according to the Biblical God....

  • piztjw

    Is just being alive actually committing a sin?


    I see that you didn't mention worship of the GB in your post...now THAT is a big sin in WTland.

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