Up Late and Can't Sleep

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  • lambsbottom

    Me and the spouse decided to not go to the DC and it takes place tommorow. All our JW friends are headed down there tonight. Feeling lonely and left out but know this is the right choice. Need support. Anything would be great. BTW, JWsurvey's videos are awesome!

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Possibly... some of your friends might be thinking exactly like you. You never know...


    PS A couple of nights ago, I was reading on the thread about "JW's... Persecuted worse than Jews?" The poster Kalk's last comment was 24 hours ago. He and his family have been through a lot. After watching the YouTube videos he suggested, I had nightmares. If I was alive at that time and lived in those areas, I would not have survived all the horror of war. I am not Jewish, or a gypsy, or a homosexual or anyone on their major extermination lists. It didn't matter if you were on the lists or not. If the Nazi's didn't like you, you were dead. So much cruelty. So much madness. People in uniform, having too much power. It is so heart breaking.

    Just in case you do want to get some sleep tonght , I suggest not watching Holocaust videos.

  • lambsbottom

    Thanks superman and I think your right about "friends might be thinking exactly like you".

    I have a couple JW friends who are deep thinkers and I can 'tell' they know whats up. Last time I felt that way I went out on a limb and txt messaged my friend "ttatt?" and he replied "yes". many awesome conversations after that.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Wow Lambsbottom... I never thought to use your method of text messaging just, "TTATT?".

    I 'know' some JW's who must think the creative days of 7,000 years each, stinks. Add that to so many other things such as "The story of Noah and The Flood", without adding all of the organizational garbage and I wonder why they are still in.

    There are other places to make friends besides the KHall.

    I wish you and your wife a happy day away from WT/JW.org propaganda.


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    "Feeling lonely and left out..."

    About 7 billion other people won't be going to that crapvention. In fact, millions in the USA will tomorrow be celebrating their independence from such rubbish.

  • HeyThere

    Oh my Lois...True story...my great grandparents fled right before Poland was invaded...fled a town my family had founded. The entire towns people including that entire side of my family minus my great grandmother were wiped out. Brody. I just found out a couple years ago. Family history was hidden because of a deeply ingrained fear of being murdered. So ya, the dubs have no idea what the true holocaust was. The fact they feed on it sickens me. For all of the true victims.

  • HeyThere

    And don't feel left out OP...you weren't excluded. You are doing what is right for you. I went one day and skipped the rest, but each day my family went and I felt a tinge of guilt and missing out. So I went and got a pedi/mani and massage. Find something fun to do to take your mind off. Enjoy yourselves and your time!

  • What is Truth?
    What is Truth?

    Freedom, enjoy your weekend lamsbottom.

  • LisaRose

    It is hard at first I am sure, everyone you know is doing something that you are not a part of, even if it's by your choice.

    Just think of all the fun things you can do instead of sitting listening to boring talks for three days. My husband and I are having some people he knows from work over for a Santa Maria Style BBQ, which is Tri Tip (sirloin) Marinated in a sweet and Smokey sauce, BBQ beans, Garlic bread and a green salad. It's our go to meal for company because it's easy and everyone seems to like it. I am doing cream cheese bars topped with whipped cream and strawberries and blueberries to look like the flag.

    Why don't you take the money you are saving by not going to the convention and go have some fun?

  • This is my tigersuit
    This is my tigersuit

    you are not alone! we are trying to fade/disappear but we went to meeting tonight to make an appearance but i gotta be honest, it felt like a dagger was in heart.

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