Elders answer questions about the changes of the blood ban

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  • sporece

    Are the JW still carrying NO BLOOD CARD...........have not been to a meeting in seven years.

  • Crazyguy

    Give your sister this link,


    I also believe the GB is walking very quietly away from the blood doctrine and they hope Hemopure becomes the go to blood alturnitive or this new technoligy that is able to recover ones blood while in surgery and will all just forget about it. By the way Hemopure is cows blood but most JW's are probably not told this.

  • opusdei1972

    Crazyguy Thank you for the link. ... So, as you know, if Hemopure comes from the blood of cows, the Society will continue to violate its concept of sacredness of blood, according to its original arguments. Indeed, this doctrine is a mess.

  • eyeuse2badub

    It is very strange the the org has been sooooo silent on the blood issue for several years now. Just don't talk about it and it will go away? Works if you haven't lost a loved one or friend because of the absolutely stupid blood ban.

    just saying!


  • jwfacts

    Again, my sister told them that we are not under the Law of Moses, but they replied that some principles remain.

    I love that. Some principals remain - with those some being arbitrary. Menstrating women are no longer unclean and need to stand outside the camp, and children are no longer to be stoned for disrespecting their elders, but taking blood from foreigners somehow is a remaining principle. Even then it does not follow, since the Great Crowd are symbolised by the foreigners, and the 144,000 were under the law, so with the elders logic the Great Crowd should have blood but not the 144,000.

  • OneEyedJoe

    Sporece - AFAIK they still carry cards. I know I did until a couple months ago, and my wife still does. They're more complicated these days (not so much a card as a folded up form) but they're definitely prepared in case they get the oppurtunity to die for the cult.

  • snare&racket

    Jesus broke laws punishable by death....to heal people, he even asked....who of you wouldnt break the law to save a lamb?

    If people want to believe in the bible, the answer to the blood transfusion issue is in the verses. Not that the bible isn't full of contradictions, it is.. but who are the 8 window cleaners in HQ to decide which verses have more legitimacy, the OT or the NT.

  • opusdei1972

    This is why Marcion of Sinope had to reject the Old Testament because there he found contradictory statements against the love preached by Christ. In the Old Testament Rutherford found excelent examples to divide christians in classes, and so on. According to Wikipedia:

    According to Marcion, the god of the Old Testament, whom he called the Demiurge, the creator of the material universe, is a jealous tribal deity of the Jews, whose law represents legalistic reciprocal justice and who punishes mankind for its sins through suffering and death. Contrastingly, the god that Jesus professed is an altogether different being, a universal god of compassion and love who looks upon humanity with benevolence and mercy. Marcion also produced his Antitheses contrasting the Demiurge of the Old Testament with the Heavenly Father of the New Testament.

  • snare&racket

    Also, last 2 cents... there is an important issue in JW's that is not to be underestimated, for many...AN answer is enough. Not the right answer just AN answer.

    Nowhere else is this logical, acceptible or smart.It only works in fascist regimes and fundementalist belief systems.

    This woman asked very specific questions and the answers were irrelevant to her question. It was given to her because that is the answer the elders have been told to give. Argue that the answer is ridiculous and you are instantly disrespecting the FDS and now can be labeled an apostate.

    A sham and a source of b.s. nothing more

  • BU2B

    I think the GB 2.0 would like to scrap the blood ban, however they have way to much invested to just walk away. Tens of thousands at least have died from this... To just give new light saying its now ok would be earth shattering and wake the most people up since 1975.

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