Local Kingdom Hall Speakers To Be Replaced By Governing Body Video Feeds.

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  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Certainly at CA & RCs. Maybe "special" meetings like the AGM.

    Note, the KH I go to just installed high speed internet access per instructions that were posted here a few months ago. I most certainly think they will want to broadcast occasionally but I doubt the regular snoore fests will be replaced anytime soon.

  • LostGeneration

    I hope so.

    Seeing that doofus Lett on screen every seven weeks would certainly alert some of the troops that they are in a cult.

  • millie210

    I think it will happen.

    As mentioned above, the elder pool is getting slim. Most elders I know would love to just sit there and let some one else talk. They still get the elder power trip title without having to actually work as hard.

    Like most things it will be "eased" in so as to be seen as good .

    Maybe starting out with a tie in to the Org after the regional assembly to do a review of the assembly.

    Next could be "organizational needs" similar to local needs but bigger. Most people will anticipate something juicy or "new light" but these will reapidly become fund raiser nagging sessions as that will be the biggest "need".

    Maybe once a month "visiting guest speaker who is a GB helper" so that everyone can show up for that special talk.

    Another innocous approach would be to occasionally have one of the service meeting parts - the ones where two brothers sit at a table and discuss something - be handled over the big screen.

    Im sure there are lots more ways to do it so that it seems it has always been thus...

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    I think this will happen. Back in 2009 at Patterson complex for a elder school. I was told one of the indoor parking lots was to be turned into a place for computer servers. That was a large parking lot. At this point I forsaw a time when all public talks would be piped in from the Wt. They could even stop having Conventions and just have them go to the KH for them. I don't think they will go that far for they make money on conventions but this is all possible in this day and age. Still Totally ADD

  • snare&racket

    Tony Morriss III has an ego, I believe this is the main reason for these recent changes.

    Before long the GB will see the error in shining a light onto themselves. The videos on youtube already identify them as bizzare, homophobic, sharp tongued, poison minded, vitrioloic old men with NO appreciation of the real world. This plays against them....They were better off being nameless, invisible old men working all day and night reading the bible, warm hearted scholars.... as everyone imagined them, quite wrongly.

  • ABibleStudent

    I hope that it will happen for three reasons: it will give the GB more opportunities to screw-up with less deniability, elders may feel that they are losing status in the KH, and it will reduce the social cohesiveness (why go to the KH when JWs can view meetings from home). Less socializing with other JWs to reinforce the WTBTS's BITE control would be a good thing.

    It might play into the GB's money making opportunities, because why have KH's when you can use the internet to feed the "Slaves" (JWs). It would also feed the GB's egos.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • Fernando


    Bring it on already.

    So that more can see through these Pharisees.

    Someone please write them a sycophantic letter begging them for this "loving provision"...

  • BU2B

    I hope so too. The more JWs can see the rantings of the GB about tight pants, shuning, baptizing pre-pubecent kids, and the overall cultishness of them all it will help more to see the men they follow are just that. Maybe then people will ask themselves: "these are the men Christ selected? They dont seem very humble/loving etc.."

  • Quarterback
  • Quarterback

    Yes I beleive that this could happen, especially if they want to keep a lid on secret announcement. What better way to do that.

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