Poor Animals

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  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    So the water rises to 18000 ft and how does it now flow out of the region? Let me guess.. God build invisible walls to contain the water.


    probable answer from Vidqun: "Get in your time machine and imagine a big fishbowl..."

  • Vidqun

    I didn't bring up the flood, Redvip did. Very interesting stats for an occurrence we don't know anything about. I'm just responding to what he wrote. Actually, it's not relevant to the thread at all.

    I said: God doesn't take anybody out of a situation. Perhaps you can give me anything to the contrary. Proof that disproves that statement does not exist, so the statement stands (until it is disproved). So, please, give it your best shot.

    Where did the absolutes come from? Referring to history and sacrifice, I compared it to our situation today. Where history is concerned, there are no absolutes, only archaeological evidence, hypotheses and theories. These stand until they are shot down by new evidence. Perhaps you are referring to the time machine? Definitely no absolutes there. Actually it was a joke. To the no imagination I must add, no sense of humor.

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