Being a JW Used to Be Fun :-)

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  • snowbird

    Simple, kind, honest-hearted ...

    That is what drew me into the JW's; that is what I was looking for; my childhood was traumatic and very unstable.

  • factfinder

    I agree with the above posts. Being a jw WAS fun for about the first 6 years or so.

    I looked forward to the conventions, especially the new books and the dramas. I looked forward to the assemblies till the tone began to change in the late 80's-90's when the talk of the immenent paradise earth was more and more replaced with we are not doing enough. It got depressing going to assemblies, hearing their condemnation of us, making us feel guilty and worried we would die at armageddon. Assemblies USED to be encouraging! Not anymore.

    I looked forward to recieving each new magazine in the mail and the annual yearbook.

    I had lots of friends among the witnesses and I enjoyed working with them in fs, seeing them at meetings, assemblies and get togethers.

    It was exciting being a witness, we were blessed by God and very soon armageddon would come and we would be living in paradise.

    But yes, then things began to change. Years went by still no armageddon. GB members died, being replaced with stricter ones.

    My friends moved away, I saw corruption among elders in the cong.

    I saw more & more statements in the publications which did not match the scriptures cited to support them.

    Meanwhile, my wonderful Mom got ill and after several painful years died. I felt Jehovah had betrayed me. Little by little my eyes opened wider and I saw more wrongdoing and inconsistancies.

    Then I found out about the UN/NGO thing and my faith in God's organization was shattered. The explanation I recieved from the society was not completely satisfactory. Things in the congregations changed. The warmth was gone, the love was fake and conditional.

    I remember back in the 70's you DID meet people at the doors who listened to you and gladly accepted the literature. Of course here in NJ we did not have people invite us in for food or drink, but there were people who listened.

    It is a completely DIFFERENT religion now. This new gb is driving everything to the ground and any possible ounce of happiness of being a witness has been stamped out.

    The publications look nice but are written for children.

    I did have happy times back in the 70's, and early 80's when I believed in "the truth" and things were so much different.

    I have no idea how anyone could be happy being a witness now.

    And I agree with Magnum too- after seeing behind the wt facade the magic was gone. God's organization is fake. The magazines are not spiritual food from Jehovah, just writings from a religion, a cult.

    The religion is totally different from when I began to study.

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    Being a Jw was only fun when I was very young and knew no better. After about 5 or 6 years

    of age it started getting old. The constant meetings and putting on a suit and sitting without

    wiggling and being bored to death, and the bad music and worse singing.

    All the tv shows, I missed and playing with the kids in the neighborhood after dinner,

    because I had to go to meetings, I will never get back.



    Hey Sylvia..


    ...........................Ya back in the day,the public was more accepting of JWs..


    .............................................Now Most People Think JWs Are..

    ...................................Nuts Who Knock On Doors And Bother People..


    ...................................................................................................... photo mutley-ani1.gif ...OUTLAW

  • snowbird

    Hey, Outlaw.

    All the posts are oh so true.

    FactFinder, your post almost has me in tears.

    Thanks to all for your input.

  • snowbird

    Oh, I almost forgot to mention about the bookstudy in private homes.

    We met at the spotless house of one dear soul; it was like one big happy family.

    She had a nice garden and would glady share her lush collards with all.

    The dear lady has since passed on, she had no offspring, so the house is left empty, desolate, and is beginning to deteriorate.

    Much like the WT.

  • JeffT

    When I first joined, I was associated with a small, close-knit congregation. Dinner parties of various sizes were common, and we had several congregation get-togethers a year. Everybody was friendly. I felt like I was becoming a member of a very caring group. That feeling faded when we moved, and later disappeared entirely. I've been out for a very long time, I think if the attitudes and life-style that seems to prevail now had been present then, I never would have joined the cult.

  • Phizzy

    I was born-in in the early '50's, so was a teenager in the 60's, and we did have fun, we even made door-knocking fun to a degree by all us tenagers going out together one evening a week, as no adults were part of this, we had innocent fun.

    By the early 70's I was married, and we had a great social life within the Org, huge parties, loads of fun.

    From the 80's on it changed, tighter control was the order of the day, and as the decade went on, it became tighter, the fun had mostly gone.

    Gradually through the 90's it got worse, until nearly every good thing was squeezed out, and what remained was a dry kernel, where there used to be a somewhat juicy nut.

    I left soon after, not because of these changes, I only identify them with hindsight, but as I said to the two Elders who called on me a few days ago, it is not the religion I grew up in, and worse, it is not even the religion that I walked away from, it has got worse still !

  • snowbird


    No more laughter.

    No more love.

  • RubaDub

    Nothing personal, but I don't know how anyone can consider sitting in Yankee Stadium for a District Convention in the middle of July for 7 days in 100 degree weather fun.

    Rub a Dub

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