How do you reconcile the powerful deity (GOD) making an about face, OT and NT.

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  • jam

    God Father comes to mind (Mafia). The old man (Mafia Don) God established his

    power. He then turn over his power to his son (Jesus), but the son

    is a little soft so the old man steps in Rev. and insert his power

    once again.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Jam... ^^^^^ "By George, I think he's got it!" (My Fair Lady)

    In 44 words, I think you summed up the OT and the NT. lol


    PS I never could figure can why Jesus would even want to "confess" to say, he was God's son...

    Who wants to be the son of a homicidal maniac???

  • cassuk11

    Gods anger with man has finished att he cross he is no longer angry with us and his plan for all to be reconciled to him through the Messiah Jesus Christ. THe churches teach you falsley about God being angry, condemnation and sin etc. All he wants id for us to come to him, he paid th epirce ofr us and will never reject onyone no matter what. That is pure love and mercy. The end time churche swill always teach an angry God to keep us conditione dinto thinking we are bad, sinners etc.God does not see us like this anymore because of what Jesus did for you and me

  • KateWild

    he paid th epirce ofr us and will never reject onyone no matter what.-cassuk

    So exactly does Jesus accept me? I think he's rejected me because my prayers are ignored.

    Kate xx

  • jam

    "Gods anger with man has finished at the cross, he is no longer angry

    with us". God really holds a grudge for a long time, doesn't he.

    Over 4000 years he was still upset with mankind because Adam

    listen to a snake.

  • Blttex

    This doesn't actually answer the question but it does add some pieces to the puzzle that seem to fit.

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