How do you reconcile the powerful deity (GOD) making an about face, OT and NT.

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  • snowbird

    VG, that song of praise by David speaks to every heart - atheist or otherwise.

    I don't believe Armageddon has been portrayed accurately by the WT.

  • jam

    I agree villagegirl:It's not all doom and gloom. I love

    Proverbs 31;10-31 "The Virtuous Wife" but the wife don't

    think so (too much work), and she ask where are my

    maidservants (vs15)??

  • snowbird

    I'm impressed with Boaz.

    I wish I'd had a husband like that.

  • Crazyguy

    The bible is a miss mash or writings many from other cultures that were made to be Hebrew, even the god of the bible was a god that formed out of El and Baal and then over time took on the characteristics of other gods like Marduk and Yaw of the Midianites. Most of the battles that were talked about in the book of Judges never happened, these places were dug up to find no evidence of a battle and destruction. Or like in the case of Jericho the city was destroyed earlier than the Jews say they destroyed it and no walls were found, so it was not a fortified city. The Hebrews of Babylon wrote what they wrote to create a culture and an identity probably in order to hold them as a people, together.

  • jam

    snowbird: do you have any idea what kind of man Boaz was

    before he married Ruth? He was Ruthless....

    Alright, that wasn't funny...

  • snowbird


  • Jeannette

    I wonder where they plagerized that from, it is beautiful. Greek philosophy? Pheonicians? Oh, that's who they stold the gold from, and other things. Trees from Lebanon.

  • snowbird

    Now, now, Jeannette ...

  • Satanus

    I have heard it said that god (yhwh), through experiencing the human life, suffering, and death, through the jesus incarnation, he mellowed. 'Course, that means that he wasn't omniscient, in the ot times. It doesn't successfully reconcile the ot nt versions of god, does it?


  • Finkelstein

    About face in what way he's still a genocidal murderer both in the NT and the OT.

    Either way it was just embellished story telling to evoke relevancy and power to their particular god.

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