New Tract for August 2014 - Scan

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  • BluesBrother

    If someone has done this before , I apologise but this was new to me.....Struck me as strange that nowadays, the answers to life's problems are found on the internet

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    It's a promotional flyer, nothing more.

    I wonder how long it'll be before WT sells GB action figure dolls, logoed "JW.Org" coffee cups, sun visors, tote bags and t-shirts, and has a "GB Fan Club"?


  • shopaholic

    Is the big news that's coming in August? A new tract and campaign to promote their website?

    Remember when using the internet was a big no-no?

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    I feel ill seeing that.

    Glad I'm out of the cult and not being press ganged into going out like a complete melon and promoting that crap.

  • kneehighmiah

    Why was Google not one of the choices on the front cover?

  • leaving_quietly

    Oh, my... what a HUGE spin here!

    I was immediately struck by the "New World Translation" next to the verses. It actually caused me to look closer. I mean, why put that out there unless it says something different in other translations, right? Well, it actually DOES!

    First, they make it seem like all one verse, but it's not. They combined two separate verses into one, with all the verses in between being taken out. Thus, context is in question.

    Next, they make it sound like the verse is actually talking about the Bible. It ISN'T! Psalm 119:160 in the NWT reads this way:

    "The very essence of your word is truth, And all your righteous judgments endure forever."

    Other translations read:

    "All your words are true"

    "The sum of your word is truth"

    "The very essence of your words is truth"

    The Hebrew Interlinear at reads:

    "[from] the beginning Your word [is] true"

    Sneaky, sneaky, once again.

  • baltar447

    Yay! we can all look to our techno-savior the mobile device! With google now, it knows all and can answer any questions!

  • dozy

    Is that a record for the WTBTS? The ... ellipses covers 15 verses.

  • Magnum

    Wow! They've really sold themselves out. I know a guy who was working door-to-door with a friend. The friend knocked on the door of some true surfer dudes. He started trying to preach using surfer lingo as if he was one of them. Afterwards, his partner told him he sold himself out. He told him that he could have been friendly and down-to-earth without going overboard and being a sellout.

    Definition of "sellout" - one who betrays a cause for personal advancement. So I guess the guy thought his friend betrayed who he really was in order to appeal to the surfer dudes. I feel like the org has betrayed its cause or who it really is (was?) for its advancement. It's trying to hard to appeal, to be hip and cool. JWs used to almost like being different and being viewed as not cool or not hip, but no more.

    The website is not one for people who want real scholarly answers; it's a very shallow site that appeals to people having social or emotional type issues. Intelligent, thinking, knowledgeable people will not (I think) like the website; they're not interested in corny, goody-goody cartoons, etc. They want real answers with depth. I find far better answers, scholarship, etc. on other websites - for example, sites that have many different transalations, original language interlinears, various commentaries, etc. is cheesy. There's no way I could get up on Saturday morns and enthusiastically offer that tract.

  • Dagney

    Wow!!! No pictures of buildings falling and people screaming and running? No Armageddon? That's a new take.

    The preaching/witnessing is taken out of their

    Looks like they are play the "now" card for issues...not painting a future panda picture...which I actually got a person baptised based on that one tract.

    I think it's a horrible tract. The cell phone is the focus on the cover.

    Wonder what current JW's think about this? Wow.

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