What's more to blame- the WT or the bible?

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  • Satanus

    Good answers, already. I would add that, the bible is the well. They pick and choose from its many conflicting ideas and statements.


  • WTWizard

    Without Talmud, LIE-ble, or quran, there would be no washtowel. Nor would there be any even worse cults, or religions behind which to hide while enslaving the masses. Without Judaism, Christi-SCAM-ity, or Islam, we would have had freedom. Africa would not have been invaded to trash Black culture by dragging blacks out of there to be sold as slaves (or to push xian smut into those regions, as per missionary work). Nor would Sharia law force women to wear those stupid face veils in 45 degree (C) weather. Nor would Europe have had White culture trashed with the Inquisition, forcing stupidity in with the dark ages.

    Without those three foul religions, there would have been no Mossad, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, or xian fundamentalists that always seem to be trashing freedom throughout the world. In place, there would be science--which would eventually have combined with spirituality in ways that would have led to a golden age. And no suppression. None of that political correctness smut, which seems to have roots within one or more of those three enslavement programs. Instead, factual correctness would have advanced us. Of course, in that environment, it would have been impossible for the washtowel to get off the ground--imagine being able to disprove Satan's malice within two seconds, right at the door, to rebut any jokehovian witlesses before they could even get a word off. Or, having 5,000 people being able to rebut joke-hova's "love" right at the Grand Boasting Session, using widely available science. How long would any Jewish, xian, or Islam cult be able to survive like that? Not very.

    To be fair, cults hiding behind the name of Satan would also have a miserable time thriving. Imagine trying to use abusive sorcery or offering live animal sacrifice to Satan when science is easily able to prove that is the wrong thing to do. That would remove the blinds these cults are using, and their defense of doing so in the name of Satan would readily be proven wrong in court. And that would be the end of those cults.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I think they are pretty much spitting images of each other, both the WT and the Bible, the WT just reiterrates what the bible says

  • LisaRose

    The bible was written by men long ago, before anyone knew about evolution, or science. It was an earnest attempt to write down history as they knew it. It's full of errors, but understandable based on what they believed at the time. The Watchtower prints lies as fact, I find it hard to believe that anyone who writes it actually believes it. If they do, it's willful ignorance.

  • sparrowdown

    Just because a book gets written doesnt mean you have to become obsessed with following it.

    I don't blame the book. I blame the people claiming you have to follow the book or die.

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    I came from JW to being awake by knowing the bible is not true (Not as a whole... of course some kings ruled in Israel or Judah so many years etc... true)

    As I did I started to read the bible... I neaver had before. I have read it 7 times since and respect it not as a godly book but as the world greatest literary work.

  • steve2

    The Bible in all its gloriously crazed messiness is a blueprint for all religions, including especially the wacky and the terrifying.

    The practice of shunning is there in the hodge podge of scriptures.

    And if you want a justification for genocide, there are copious portions of the Hebrew Scriptures that will satisfy.

    Fact is, every crackpotted mentality on earth can delve into scripture and find some precedent for their beliefs. When people "innocently" assert the Bible is for everyone, they tell a universally disturbing truth.

    What astonishes me is the way people will criticize the Watchtower for departing from scripture when, in truth, a full enactment of scripture would render the Watchtower a hundredfold more vile than it already is.

  • galaxie

    The bible is a compilation , do we attribute blame to specific contributers? Then the topic expands to , 'blame for what '. All adherents to scriptural interpretation are to blame if they have the power and will to influence the gullible if they choose not to utilise their own grey matter.

    You could of course argue that many find good and comfort in the bible, would we say that certain writers are responsible for that aspect? Or is it that they are unable to find inner peace , happiness of their own volition.

    So it begs the furtherance of the O.P blame for what?

    Best wishes.

  • Heaven

    galaxie said: So it begs the furtherance of the O.P blame for what?

    Let's start with the Crusades followed by The Spanish Inquisition and the burning of Witches/Salem Witch Trials. The torture devices used on people back then are barbaric and horrific. This is mass psychotic behaviour by the Religious Authorities of the day:

    Then we can move into more modern times with crap like The Unification Church (aka The Moonies) and of course our own bit of nuttiness, The Watchtower and Jehovah's Witnesses. Specifically to the Watchtower, their own brand of torture is more subtle, using guilt and fear to coherce and keep people enslaved. I personally have lost a family member due to their refusal to have a life saving blood transfusion.

  • galaxie

    Heaven;... I agree entirely,

    My point being the blame is exspansive , not solely a WT question.

    Best wishes.

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