I dont think we should past judgement on people who post here for the first time

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  • MissFit

    Lois I agree. But a funny thing seems to happen to some of those zealous folks. Before too long they start to wake up and realize the pat answers they used to spout out doesn't make sense anymore.

    When I started reading the posts I realized there were things I didn't know I didn't know.

    I paced myself and choose topics I felt I could handle.

    Those posts got me to think and challenged what I thought I knew.

    I think some on here really believe the pat answers they give.

    Miss. Fiit

  • ABibleStudent


    It is better to be respectful and friendly to everyone and ask clarifying questions if suspicious of another's motives, rather than being disrespectful. If this is suppose to be a support forum, then IMHO labeling posters as trolls, writing B.S., or lurkers is counter-productive. Let other readers make up their own minds about what a poster is or is not without labeling them, as a JW would do to protect their "Spirituality" (status in the WTBTS).

    I would feel badly if my actions caused a "Spiritually Weak" (still thinking) JW to abandon their independent research and run back to the WTBTS.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • LisaRose

    I have seen a number of posts lately that seemed to be obviously someone having fun poking a hornets nest, pretending to be a still in JW. Based on some similarities, I think they are all from the same person. On the off chance that they aren't trolls I just refrain from commenting at all, but I am not going to waste time responding to people trying to make a joke out of this forum.

  • clarity

    I agree also... maybe they are trying to be funny

    but........jerking someone around is idiotic!

    People come here for a good reason, we don't

    need to judge the reason!


    I'm thinking too, of any poster being treated

    with disrespect. If you have read John Cedars

    story, he mentioned that his greatest discouragements

    came from own exjw community.(or words to that effect)

    Not sure of that exact link...but if you are interested

    this is an excellent utube. Close to the end Cedars talks

    about those who were nasty as jw's, can still be nasty

    as ex jw's.


    Thank you for putting this up smiddy .


  • Vidiot

    punkofnice - "I'm sure that some that come on here with their JW guns blazing are actually here because they're testing their faith or at least questioning it."

    Count on it.

    disposable hero of hypocrisy - "We don't want to play into the bitter twisted apostate pigeonhole."

    Dibs on the band name.

  • SAHS

    To “smiddy”:

    This is certainly an excellent and most timely topic! I too have felt quite indignant and incensed at the way some new posters have been treated, at least by some. People start coming here for a reason, and I believe that the vast majority would be coming here to get some real answers and candid insight into the WT organization which they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

    Certainly I believe that everyone should be given the benefit of the doubt – after all, that’s the Golden Rule, right? (You know, the “do unto others” thing?) A little empathy and dignity is always the right thing to do – no matter what a person’s status or standing.

    And if hypothetically someone did come on here as a full-fledged “troll” – I don’t care whether it’s of the garden variety apologist or someone on the service desk at Brooklyn Bethel or even one of the governing body members – it still really wouldn’t matter because, like “Slidin Fast” said, “Any information or opinions that are based on a false premise or unproven accusations . . . are questioned, examined and dissected.” So in the end, it all comes out in the wash. And as with the widely-known peer-review process in the scientific community, anyone can submit their theory (or premise) but it must pass through the rigorous gauntlet of inspection and verification. That’s only fair, as long as it’s done in a dignified and respectful manner.

    Like “ABibleStudent” said, “Let other readers make up their own minds about what a poster is or is not without labeling them.” That’s really the safest route to take . . . and often ends up saving someone from having to chow down on a big portion of “humble pie!”

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    true, give the first timers the benefit of the doubt, they maybe just confused about the Borg or something, maybe having gnawing doubts which are troubling them looking for help

  • Vidiot

    smiddy - "I dont think we should past judgement on people who post here for the first time."

    Oh, absolutely.

    Second or third time, at least. Fifth, tops.

  • 3rdgen

    I agree wholehartedly! I wound up here by Googling Menlo Park Kingdom Hall because a ditsy friend was rambling on about a money grab. When i had the courage to post for the first time I was warmly welcomed. JWN gave hubby and me the info and friendship we were longing for. I am sure we aren't the only ones. If the folks here had acted like our elders well..... we would still be stuck in Watchtowerland.

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    Some here might get the idea that i'm promoting my channel on youtube or my book im writing. Not true. I post here because from observation most people here are decent and have been wronged by LIARS. We can mostly agree the WT are liars even if you still belive in God.

    I post more bible stuff because not many others do if any... I want people to think...

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