Another Shooting Massacre

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  • whathehadas
  • zebagain

    Maybe the girls who rebuffed this guy so often would now come forward at the funerals of the deceased to lay flowers.

    and having been involved in similar situations my professional sympathies to the deputies and ambulance crews who have to clean up the 'bits'

  • glenster

    I read he had a mild case of Asperger's Syndrome. That may have presented some
    challenge in adapting socially but wouldn't explain the elitism, vanity, and
    shooting spree plot (see YouTube video). I think someone missed pursuing a
    subject in their recent therapy meetings.

  • smiddy

    Not only do I feel , for the loved ones of the victims , who were sencesely murdered , I also feel for the parents of this self obsessed individual who committed this crime .

    Other than that words fail me.


  • designs

    What lessons are we learning from these tragedies- mental illness, access to weapons and ammunition, friends and family who do not take intervention steps or actions when they see someone's mental health failing.

  • DJS

    These types of incidents used to be carried out typically by middle aged white males who were stressed, frustrated and felt passed by or failed to live up to hopes and expectations. Recently they have been more typically associated with young Gen Y maies who don't fit in socially or feel like failures. And a lot of them are killing other innocents simply because they can't get laid. Cho, the V Tech shooter, fit this category and there have been a number of others. It likely contributed to Lanza and the Colorado dumbass movie theater shooter.

    This appears to be a generational phenomenon; more than a few sociologists have suggested that the entitled, molly coddled, everyone gets an A or a trophy world these grew up in has contributed to these slaugters. Little Johnny never got to experience not making the team, not getting a trophy or failing and didn't develop the skillsets or mindsets to deal with failure. I concur. This 22 year old fits that mold perfectly. There are of course other contibuting factors, such as mental issues, etc., but a lot of these young men simply are angry that they don't have more Facebook friends and get laid more often. Sad.

  • Seraphim23

    Answer, ban guns!

  • mouthy

    Oh isnt it sad.... So many losing their minds. It is so hard to listen to the news these days
    I lived in London England during the 2nds World War,we experienced bombing,from the sky,but
    today it is the blasts from neighbours,friends,kids,very scary...

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    Answer, ban guns!


    Then only criminals will have guns.

  • designs

    The parents knew their son was having mental problems and the police showed up and interviewed him. No one relieved him of his weapons and ammunition as a safety precaution.

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