Well, what can you say???? I am speechless.

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    Ooh if there was ever a quote guaranteed to send my blood pressure rocketing every time it's' mentioned it's this one from the 1969 Awake. Based on that article I was pressurised by my parents to get a part time cleaning job and pioneer for what was left of this wicked system of things. Now, as a pensioner surviving on a basic state pension, I see it side by side with the article from the March 2014 study edition of the WT stating that the trials that come with old age cannot be avoided. WHAT??! I am seething !! Yet the old timers still continue to lap it all up, all this wonderfulness spewing forth from the pages of God's own magazines. Give me strength!

    Now where did I put my pills...........

  • BU2B

    I have just printed out this article and these to share with my wife when we go over the Study articles

    1969 KM June

    May 1974 KM


    If nothing else, these quotes will help an honest-hearted (tm) JW see the folly of blindly believing the WT magazine.

    BU2B, I hope the wife comes around. It may take time. My kid graduated high-school and my wife now sees that she is getting older. Children we knew are having children, their children are going to school, ect.

    I don't know how old your children are, but here is something that may make your wife wake up. Just buy your kids [ or someone else's kids] some presents for 1st grade, or whatever the case may be. When your wife is emotional, that's the time to get through to her. Maybe you know some babies, buy them kintergarten enrollment presents, NOW. Do you know some kids who will graduate from high-school in 4 or 5 years?? Buy them something, NOW. Save the receipts with the dates, hide them away.

    How long have you been married? Maybe you could buy a 10 year Anniversary present, NOW, and hide it away. You can be a prophet. Just make it known that you KNOW the WTBTS is wrong, and we will get old, our kids will graduate, we will bury our parents. It sounds mean, but you have to make opportunities to help others wake up. As time marches on, you will be vindicated with each passing year.

    If your wife does start to see TTATT, be careful. I was on trial for apostasy for saying that the WT magazine contains errors at times. It's insane how each issue must be treated as though it issued from GOD's mouth.


  • scary21

    Unbelieveable !! Some how, out of all the bound volumes I ended up with that 1969 one. It was just sitting on a table at my daughters house.Some how she got it from her dads JW mom ??????? Must have been a sign from God or Satan lol lol lol or both ?

    I remember reading on this site about a man who was taking care of his JW mother even though he had been dead to her for 20 years. Guess the elders said it was ok for him to come back from the dead when his mother needed full time care. It made me so sad that this woman was almost like a stranger to him yet he was willing to care for her......... Just goes to show how EVIL apostates are............NOT

    I have wrote many many times about how they kicked my elderly mother to the curb.


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    Thanks for the great posts!

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    Muddy Waters

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  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    All of this makes me sick.

    WT/GB are the Queen Bee. They say they are God's spokesperson, that God speaks to them and because of the power they weld , in their abusive role, they make all JW's slave for them so they can live.

    They do not care about anyone else, unless you can count the scum in the writing dept , the IT dept and of course, the all important Legal dept.

    They lie, cheat and steal to stay on top of the WT heap!


    Creeps of the lowest sort.


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    I was one of those young ones and am know 60 years old! Thus my username "whathappened!"

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