Fake friends and other things that annoy me about the Kingdom Hall

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  • BU2B

    What good is it? I married what I considered to be a "hot" wife.. Where did it get me? Two kids that now I lose sleep about them being raised in a ult. But what happens when you learn TTaTT? Just gives me more to miss when she leaves my ass. Anyways, marrying an attractive sister shouldnt be hard if you are in good standing.. I mostly see brothers marrying way out of their leauge. I see sexy JW women all the time marry balding, pudgy, pasty and slouuching loser JW guys.

  • Apognophos

    Dissenting opinion: Maybe your congregation has slim pickings, but mine is teeming with hot single sisters. Obviously one shouldn't generalize from limited experience.

    Secondly, all friends are conditional, or else they have no morals. Would you be friends with a drug dealer? So why are you surprised that when you stop wanting to be a part of the religion that defines these peoples' lives, they decide that you don't live up to their standards?

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, it is true that there are general unspoken "conditions" that people have to adhere to or else you would not be their friend.

    Certainly, it would not be acceptable for a "friend" of yours to ransack your house or kill your pets. But, with Jehovah's Witnesses, the conditions go far beyond what is considered normal.

    The real problem with the JW religion is that they didn't lay all their cards on the table when people joined. Most new recruits, myself included, did not know what the real story was.

  • tiki

    ahhh - but when considering a potential marriage mate, one must make top priority the spiritual man or woman.....

    it used to annoy me so, the "advice" - never a word about actually falling in love. and i for one believe in love and that there has to be a chemistry between two people - plus one should never marry someone out of his intellectual league. if an intelligent person marries a dope, he/she will never be happy. there will be no meeting of the minds.

    hot sisters or brothers? well, a lot of the girls love to strut their stuff - but they are teenyboppers usually. the whole sex taboo has them marrying way too young - before they have any life experience or education or means of self-support. it's not a healthy process.

  • redvip2000

    the whole sex taboo has them marrying way too young - before they have any life experience or education or means of self-support

    Very true. In fact, i was in Florida a month ago and my sister had just been to a wedding of a girl who is 20 years old. And another girl in the same hall, who just turned 19 is now engaged as well. She got engaged after dating this guy from a congo about 6 hours away, and from what i understand they date mainly by Skype - a disaster in the making.

    I would never think about marrying someone that young, but that's what happens in young people in a congo. They are "hot to trot" and so they rush into marriage.

  • Apognophos

    LHG: It's true that the conditions or standards that JWs set are unfair. They're superficial and overly pious. But they see it all as part of the same big black-and-white equation of good vs. evil in the universe. Either you're on Jehovah's side or you're a Satan worshipper. They live in a climate of fear and disinformation. I think we're pretty much in agreement. I just dislike the phrase "conditional friends" because I think it's not a useful expression. It's like a couple who can't agree on who dumped who. The JWs think we're leaving them by rejecting their belief system.

  • stillin

    I loved hearing the judgemental wisdom of newlywed 20somethings. How they plan on pioneering, or at least one of them, or maybe auxiliary pioneer together, or maybe just one of them. Or how they may apply for Bethel service or serve where the need is so much greater.

    Then, BAM! Here comes the baby and the parents take turns missing meetings and service because of the germs at the Hall. Or the wife realizes she "needs to help out" so she gets a job. Really, it's about furniture or something or because the husband is unemployably lazy (she mistook that laziness for "cool")

    but the budding romance is so full of how they are going to be better than all of the other average couples. And hope.

    Ah...young love.

  • whathappened

    I noticed all the single men were so stupid they could barely even do a Bible reading. Their manners were horrible. Everyone knew that all the brothers only wanted to marry the pretty sisters. If you weren't a pretty girl, you were going to have to settle for someone very unactractive themselves, with a very noticeable personality disorder. A forty something year old elder could find a twenty something sister to marry him without any difficulty whatsoever. Any half decent JW man can score a 10 is he looks hard enough.

  • Ugottabefresh

    " Secondly, all friends are conditional, or else they have no morals. Would you be friends with a drug dealer?"

    It depends. Does he/she have quality weed? :D

  • eva luna
    eva luna

    There is no guaranty, in or out of the JW world.

    Or EX-JW club too.

    Be careful with your heart,

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