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    New release DVD "these words must be on your heart".

    Based on live action drama 2011

    Sunday Morning

    9:20 Music

    9:30 Song No. 30 and Prayer

    9:40 Symposium: Anticipate Future Kingdom Blessings!

    A World Without Satan (Revelation 20:2,3,7,10)

    Happiness and joy are increasingly hard to attain. many pressures today make it

    di ffi cult to say something good

    Romans 12- joy in the kingdom hope

    Eternal life

    Paradise earth

    Psalm 37:11; 29 conditions on earth. Will make us happy. But we live in the now

    have to anticipate the future.

    Revelation 20: 2,3- Satan abyssed not able to mislead.

    This opposer of Jehovah will be in a prison like condition.

    Rev 20:7- Satan released to mislead again. Later he will be annihilated.

    Every element of this system the spirit of the world will be completely gone.

    Gal 5: the world will fill the void left by the spirit of the world with the fruitages of

    the spirit.

    DEMONSTRATION: Family worship. Talks about a world when satan is gone.

    They discuss the end of school crime and prejudice against the color of skin.

    No more protests or crime.

    How great when satan is gone no more questions to Jehovah's sovereignty. No

    more slanders or lies.

    People will be humble and praisers of God. Lovers of goodness.

    The reality of what we can picture in our minds can not even be imagined now.

    We must all keep our anticipation!

    One Language (Zephaniah 3:9; Zechariah 14:9)

    How many languages can we speak.

    No matter how many we can add 1 more

    Zephaniah 3:9- We all speak the pure language. The truth of Gods purposes as

    revealed in his word.

    This language is sweet music to our ears. With 8 million witness on earth only we

    speak the pure language.

    Will we all one day speak only one physical language. While we can't be

    dogmatic we have reason to believe we will speak one physical language.

    Gen 11:1- all earth one language one set of words. For 1157 years of human

    history all spoke one language. If the rebellion had not taken place language

    would not have been confused.

    Into the future after final test 1 language only needed. As there will be no more

    rebellion This language may indeed be Hebrew.

    At resurrection all gods people will have to be teachers and be able instruct there

    former family members.

    This will be the GREATEST educational work in history.

    United in Devine education what great accomplishments man will achieve will be

    do to unity in language physical and pure.

    DEMONSTRATION: Sisters in service discuss the problem of the language

    barriers we have in service today. Talk about time in the future when we will all

    speak one literal language it will practical to help resurrected ones when brought

    back to life on earth.

    No matter what literal language we speak today it is still the pure language.

    No matter what language Jehovah chooses to use in the future we will all be

    united in workship to our one God Jehovah!

    Perfect Health (Job 33:25; Isaiah 33:24)

    We have a greeting in every culture that ask about ones health.

    In the future this greeting will never be needed.

    The ransom was a basis for future perfect health.

    Isaiah 33:24- No resident will say I am sick.

    But the point is we are living right now and we may make a statement " we are

    really living" but no person today is really living.

    1Tim 6:19- firm hold on the REAL life. The real life is what we hope to attain in the

    future as perfect mankind under Christ rulership. Then we will really be alive with

    true peace and happiness.

    DEMONSTRATION: Family worship with an elder sister sitting in. Reflecting on

    this Devine promise.

    Job 33:25- Return to days of youth.

    As they all talk about what they want to see in the new world.

    Elderly sister just wants to wake up not tired.

    They all talk about how great it will be to feel well with no headaches or pills.

    Cancer and other diseases are eradicated.

    While a person may have an a ffl iction shortly into the new world as they express

    faith in the things taught a reversal will be immediate to aging and other


    Complete Harmony With the Animals (Isaiah 11:6-9)

    What a blessing to anticipate as animals were created for our benefit. They reflect

    Much about our loving creator. They teach us practical lessons like spider silk

    which is stronger than steel. Gecko have feet that can hold a lizards weight even

    under a glass surface. Scientist want to create a glue like the gecko.

    In the new world man will have a loving dominion over the animals. Will wild

    animals become like pets. Yes! Mammals have warm attraction for a ff ection.

    Isaiah 11:6- Isaiah agrees here animals will be in total harmony with humans.

    After the flood Jehovah put fear in animals hearts for self preservation.

    DEMONSTRATION: Brother talking to young brother who gave a good lecture in

    school about animals. Then they talk about what kind of animals they look

    forward to playing with. Tigers and gorillas.

    What about extinct animals perhaps after gods seventh day of rest perhaps if he

    chooses he will recreate them. The bible does not say!

    Ezekiel 34:25- such blessings will be enjoyed earth wide and forever.

    Paradise Earth (Luke 23:43)

    Earth originally to be a garden park-like condition.

    Luke 23:42;43- Truly used by Jesus (from the Greek amen) confirmed before

    statement. Paradise will happen.

    What is your dream in paradise!

    Jehovah has prepared our earth to be a paradise.

    Earth today like a dirty vegetable that needs cleaning up. But underneath it's

    prepared for paradise.

    The earth has natural restoration powers. Even when man destroys it.

    Can we imagining what the millions and billions of people working together to

    restore the earth in the future will do?

    DEMONSTRATION: Group of young children playing a game at a gathering called

    "What do you dream" about in the paradise!

    Want a house by the ocean with white beaches and palm trees with fresh

    coconuts to drink watching the sunset.

    House by a mountain on a cli ff over a valley with a back deck.

    Just want to spend 25 years on a camping expedition. Exploring the earth.

    Look forward to botanical garden of his own.

    To the time when we be able to share good moments like this for all eternity.


    Jesus will see to it this entire earth will be transformed.

    VERY VERY Soon we will hear his call "Come and inherit the paradise"!

    New Scrolls (Revelation 20:12)

    Jehovah always gives specific instructions to his people.

    Daniel 12:4- " Rove about" this means the careful study of the scriptures.

    Today it's faithful slave,

    New instructions in the new world will have to be embraced by all for survival

    Rev 20:12- a number of scrolls opened up. New requirements that will open up

    the mind of Jehovah.

    DEMONSTRATION: Sheparding call. Trying to encourage young sister who has a

    record of following instruction. Commending here. They talk about new scrolls in

    the book of revelation. Detail information what Jehovah will require of all and the

    willingness to adapt to be able to see our names in the scroll of life.

    Today we are being trained to obey new instructions.

    Reflect on the scrolls and elders use this information on Sheparding calls.

    Eccl 3:11- time period during new system. No matter how long we live we will

    never be able to find out all by jehovah. When new scrolls are open it will start the

    time period of eternal Learning!

    Association With Multitudes of Resurrected Ones (Job 14:14,15)

    Death is not fair and unnatural. Morning a loved one is the most painful

    experience in life.

    Death is our enemy!

    John 11:33-35; This account shows how Jesus and Jehovah feel about our

    morning. Jesus was not morning Lazarus death but the emotional pain of his


    Job14:14,15- Jehovah longs for the day when he resurrects his loyal ones. And it

    brings us joy. An un bridled joy.

    What can we anticipate.

    In an orderly way not without provisions in advance for sure. food, clothing,


    Who resurrected first. And in what order. We really don't know. We can't be

    dogmatic! We will have to await these instructions.

    But imagine the joy the resurrection will bring.

    VIDEO on big screen! Break out the tissues!

    Daughter watches mother die in hospital.

    She then reflects on pictures and memories she had.

    Then it shows the future when she is resurrected.

    Delight to know there will be welcoming home sessions in store in paradise for

    our loved ones.

    Ability to Praise Jehovah Perfectly (Revelation 5:13)

    Are you feeling it! Appreciation for kingdom blessings.

    Psalm 145:3- Jehovah is great and worthy of our praise for future kingdom


    Another future blessing is worshiping Jehovah perfectly.

    John 8:29- only one human so far can say this statement.

    Don't we yearn for the time when we can say this also.

    Even as imperfect humans he accepts our praise.

    Psalm 130:1-4. None of us could stand if not for Jehovah's forgiveness.

    How can we meditate on this future kingdom blessing of worshiping Jehovah in


    DEMONSTRATION: Young brother with a personal struggle. Meditates on the

    time in the future when his worship won't be tainted by imperfection. Is

    determined to struggle and try to make adjustments.

    We want to imagine all creation worshiping Jehovah perfectly.

    Rev 5:13 John say a time when this would be a reality. All creation in perfect

    harmony in praise to Jehovah and his son.

    At the end of 1000 years all creation in universe will have this unity.

    As family's we have to reflect on these 8 future blessings and at our next social

    gatherings reflect on these things as a group.

    The point is at any time and any circumstances we can rejoice in these hopes.

    11:10 Song No. 134 and Announcements

    11:20 Public Bible Discourse: Earth's New Ruler--Who Really Qualifies?

    (Isaiah 42:1-4)

    Why so much su ff ering, pain and bad days. No single government today can

    solve global problems.

    Satan is current ruler responsible. John 12:31 Rev 12:9 this identifies him.

    John 8:44- shows what kind of ruler satan is. A liar and murder. No wonder the

    world is filled with violence.

    Romans 8:22- creation is in pain together wanting a change.

    Soon today's earth to be ruled by a one world single government.

    Why do we need this government? is it possible, and who could meet the

    qualifications to rule.

    Some lands poor some wealthy but the richest country on earth still have

    su ff ering and injustices.

    Economic growth in world today millions of dollars being spent no problems


    Oceans today are ruined, forest deforestation cause global warming. What

    government today cause solve this.

    Slave labor today is prevalent family members selling each other. What

    government could put an end to this?

    We need a global government to solve worldwide problems.

    Is this possible for man? Jer 10:23. Clearly states man can't do it!

    Just like man can't fly....just can't do it!

    Eccl 8:9-man dominates man to his harm.

    How government possible?

    Matthew 19:26 with god all things are possible

    Matthew 6:9;10- Let your kingdom come it is a government!

    Who is qualified to be earths new ruler?

    Dan 7 Jehovah selected Jesus Christ as this ruler. Prophecys that prove its


    Isaiah 9:6 who knows creator better than Jesus.

    He has a keen understanding of human nature.

    He has a deep love for humans proverbs 8:31.

    This give us trust in him not just now but forever because he lives forever.

    Matthew 5: sermon on the mount. Shows us loving personality of Jesus because

    he himself reflects these qualities.

    Jesus is the only choice for rulership. He is a mighty god who can execute

    judgement on this wicked system.

    He will wipe out all disease more hunger...control the more

    economic problems. Raise the dead.

    No more wars or strife or terrorists. No more national boundaries.

    Isaiah 11:2-4; He will judge with fairness.

    Imagine a world without 1 single wicked person.

    Isaiah 42:1-3 the crushed weed and smoldering wicks (common people) will be

    cared for.

    Justice established. justice on face of earth Daniel 2:44-all known governments


    Yes we reject satan and his world

    We need a ruler like Jesus who will not make promises he will not keep.

    This world is in its finale.

    100 year anniversary of the established kingdom. Learn what we must do to

    qualify and see the end of Satan's rule. We want the new ruler of this world the

    conquest has begun! Our rulership with Christ is in action now.

    Yes be destined to qualify in this final hour and be in line for everlasting blessings

    Loyal ones will gain life for all eternity along with billions of our loved ones.

    11:50 Summary of The Watchtower

    12:20 Song No. 99 and Intermission


    Sunday Afternoon

    1:35 Music

    1:45 Song No. 16

    1:50 Stay on 'the Highway of Holiness' Into God's Kingdom! (Isaiah 35:5-9)

    Picture 50.000 people leaving on a 4 month trip to Jerusalem what kind of road

    would they be traveling.

    The highway of holiness. No one unclean. They were to go back and restore their

    promise land.

    The modern fulfillment is we are on a journey from a violent city and as we leave

    we have left behind all the badness. And the only sound is the Swish through the

    breeze of the trees.

    Many are on that journey from Babylon the great.

    Isaiah 40:3- this way of holiness has led us into a favorable position with

    Jehovah and one another.

    We are on the way of holiness until we get to literal paradise Isaiah 35:5.

    You are qualified to go on this highway of holiness.

    The unclean or foolish will not travel it.

    It's not for those acting clean and good we have to be clean and be good. Our

    conduct qualifying us. If flesh and spirit.

    Are we walking in the middle of the highway or do we walk the shoulders.

    Shoulders look ok but then there is a cave in. We could fall to our spiritual death.

    Watch our eyes we could drift to the side. What could lead us to the shoulder.

    Proverbs15:19-thorns... O ff the road we see pretty flowers which have thorns.

    Can prick us....or we are lazy perhaps related to our person study meditation. It's

    not daydreaming but taking a Christer or event and draw a conclusion on how

    situations could a ff ect us. Are we lazy not digging deep into the word.

    Dating and unbeliever...not committing immorality. But 2Cor 6:14 states don't

    become unevenly yoked. Don't diminish the council on who we should date. We

    know what we should really do.

    Losing temper with family....not physical I never hit but verbal abuse is like being

    stab with a sword.

    Over sensitive or easily o ff ended. We say I just want to be treated with dignity

    don't want counsel.

    Immoral fantasist,,,,as long as I don't do it. Commit adultery in heart.

    This was tailored for need Greaters;

    Materialistic spirit. I still go to meetings and preach it's not wrong to have nice

    stu ff . What does sin mean; missing the mark. Example: we may not have tv but

    now we are getting older we want TV not just a tv but 70 inch screen hd TV for

    my old eyes. We need to work a little longer back in the states to pay for tv. But

    we had promised to stay In our assignments... Are we now missing the Mark on

    the shoulder of the road.

    Just like cultivating a garden requires work are we putting that much e ff ort in

    cultivating the fruitages of the spirit.

    Are we really listening to Jehovah. Remember listen obey and be blessed,

    See we have to walk the highway of holiness for the next 1000 years. If we are

    ever tempted o ff the highway of holiness or old habits creep back we must say

    no way I am not going to the shoulder I am going to get back on track on this

    highway of holiness.

    2:10 Drama: 'Not One Word Has Failed' (Joshua 1:2,11; 2:1-24; 7:1, 10-26;

    9:1-27; 10:1-14; 23:14)

    Drama pre recorded as a stage play.

    Why are we convinced Jehovah will fulfill everything he has spoken.

    2:40 Song No. 132 and Announcements

    2:50 "Never Be Anxious"--Keep Seeking First God's Kingdom (Matthew 6:1-34;

    Proverbs 15:15; 1Peter 5:8,9)

    This convention program has strengthen our resolve to seek first the kingdom.

    Review of the Friday, Saturday and Sunday Program.

    New release DVD "these words must be on your heart".

    Based on live action drama 2011. Showed a scene from movie and this is a

    movie. Awesome! Even the branch overseer stated that movie was hot!

    Col 1:21- world in general su ff ers anxieties and grief.

    We are all su ff ering di ffi cult times hard to deal with.

    Matthew 6:33- this is the answer to our anxieties. If the kingdom is truly our

    number 1 priority in life Jehovah helps us to cope.

    Jesus himself experience deep anxiety so we can't escape it. But undue anxiety

    does us no good. Can't add 1 cubit to lifespan.

    Our daily needs can't extend us to the shoulder on the highway of holiness. Can

    be likened to static on radio it ruins the tune. Matthew 6:25- stop be anxious

    sounds impossible but he was talking about undue anxiety. Can become like a


    6 anecdotes to anxiety

    1) To make gifts of mercy to help others in need may relieve us of our own

    problems. Preaching and in congregation.

    2) Prayer, Jehovah hears us, puts in right frame of mind. Philip 4:6,7.

    It helps us to keep our mental balance. And guard our hearts. Matthew 6:9

    Jesus addresses Jehovah as father because he is a loving father. Matthew 6:10

    prayer for gods government reinforces our hope. Matthew 6:11-avoid striving in a

    material sense more than we need for this day.

    3) Matthew 6:14;15- Be forgiving and merciful to others. Di ffi cult to sleep when

    we have problems with others.

    4) Matthew 6:16- Avoid hypocracy. Don't enjoy the admiration of fellow humans

    to impress or fool others. Don't give a pretense of being Christian. Worship with

    spirit and truth.

    5) Matthew 6:19-21- store up treasures in heaven. Our loyal support of kingdom

    interest gives us a good name with Jehovah. Support RBC and other


    6) Matthew 6:22- ones eye must remain spiritualy focused. Matthew 13:44- Jesus

    is like the man who found hidden treasure gave up heavenly life to become

    human. Imitate him view Jehovah and sacred service to him as a real treasure.

    Matthew 6:23- spiritual rewards are beyond ones eye of focus. Verse 24: Jesus

    made it quite clear there are no exceptions to serving 2 masters.

    Matthew 6:25- Jehovah says to stop being anxious those in Jesus audience were

    anxious he said stop.

    1 Peter 5:7- Throw all anxiety on Jehovah and he says it because he cares about

    us wants us to have peace and be happy servants. And he is aware of what

    cause us anxieties psalm 94:19. In order to comfort and soothe us he must know

    what the anxieties are. He also knows satan would like to capitalize on these

    anxieties .

    1peter 5:8 satan is a roaring lion. Lions don't use roaring to capture prey and

    while wild animals are not scared of roar domestic animals and humans are.

    Cause a flock to stampede and panic.... Like threats from unbelieving mate or

    employer or school counseler. Wants us to leave the security of the sheepfold.

    Matthew 6:26-30 ; Jesus was not telling us we don't have to work to feed

    ourselves. The birds were working the flowers were working but without worrying.

    This is a matter of faith in Jehovah make matters a diligent pray.

    Luke 18:86- before great tribulation will Jesus find our faith where it needs to be.

    Never be anxious about things. The world is obsessed with things. Rom 12:2

    people are molded by peer pressure to obtain material things.

    John 2:15- don't be anxious or love the things in the world.

    Matthew 6:33- keep on denotes continuous action. Must keep on seeking first

    the kingdom.

    Matthew 6:44- many of the things we worry about never happen anyway.

    It doesn't make sense about what might happen tomorrow worry us today.

    What if's... living in the past like driving a car while looking in rear view mirror.

    Like trying to move forward in a rocking chair ...rocking and rocking but getting


    Worry is a form of paralysis rendering us unable to serve Jehovah.

    We do have legit worries but highlite the best way to deal with the worst


    When we face a crisis just take it one day at a time.

    Many are the hardships of the rightous one but Jehovah will help us to cope.

    Gave examples of witnesses who dealt with severe anxieties.

    They all learned to focus on spiritual matters and took it one day at a time.

    Legit concerns throw anxiety on Jehovah. Don't worry about what might happen.

    Remember Jehovah has a perfect record of taking care of the rightous.

    Must show a waiting attitude of Jehovah's promises. Don't have negative


    Proverbs 15:15 two di ff erent kinds of attitudes

    A ffl icted one negative thoughts And a cheerful heart positive outlook.

    When we face a di ffi cult problem try to focus on good things that have happened

    to us ...make a list.

    Don't focus on past mistakes.

    Psalm 130:4 with Jehovah there is true forgiveness. We may not forget the past

    but remember Jehovah has.

    Proverbs 12:35- talk to someone who is loving and kind their good words can lift

    us up.

    Cultivate a grateful spirit on what Jehovah does for us now and in the near future.

    King David reflected on times Jehovah came to his aid it help him to get through

    further tests.

    Have we prayed intensely and Jehovah helped us overcome a trial.

    As we reflect see how Jehovah has already helped.

    Psalm 32:8- Jehovah gives us instruction and insight with his eye on us . We can

    overcome and endure further anxieties.

    Romans 5:3- tribulation produces endurance. Each test we pass helps

    strengthen us for the next one.

    When we have Jehovah's approval our hope will not lead to disappointment.

    3:50 Song No. 91 and Closing Prayer

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    What a load of crap! I guess I need to learn Hebrew now.. Whooops hang on my pet zebra got lose while I was on a 70 year vacation. Crap this 'third testament' is so long it takes 10 years to read.

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    Speaking of new scrolls... Does anyone notice the layout of the Kingdom Book there?^^^^

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    God's Kingdom FUTURE

    Sounds like the WT is replacing the New Testament Past- Gospels+Acts.. Present Romans-Jude starting with the gospel preacing Paul to the congregational Petrine-Johannie and Jude letters. and finnaly the Revelation of the future.

    Trust me this book will become important soon lol

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    New instructions in the new world will have to be embraced by all for survival




    Today we are being trained to obey new instructions.

    Ahhhh, I see how it is. Start obeying now, folks, cause they have already started ruling! They're making up new instructions now, and not waiting on Jehovah. That's the way it sounds to me. Tell me if I'm reading it wrong.

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