Did other JWs judge you? What for?

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  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Well to make Jehovah happy you must dress in a shapeless sack. Remember all those talks about how we sisters shouldn't dress in a way that just might give the male JWs an immoral thought? I always thought as a JW "Well they shouldn't be looking!" Man did I lock horns with a few on that. Never the men though, they were probably happy to see a bit of curve. It was always other women.

    I remember our congregation clothes Nazi out the back during the toilet break/song one Sunday railling about this 18 year old whose dress was see through and how she'd give her a dressing down for being so wicked. I happened to know this girl and she was the shyest little mouse who would never deliberately flaunt so I told her to back off because the girl didn't do it deliberately, she just didn't realise her skirt caught the light that way. I told the girl discreetly after the meeting and just as I predicted she was so embarrassed. Goes to show these old bats shouldn't rush to conclusions and be so damn judgmental.

  • punkofnice

    I had a beard for a while. I got some comments but I thought: 'Get knotted, you're not the master of my faith!'

    I was frowned upon because I played in a band with another brother and a 'worldly(tm)' drummer. When the elder came around to counsel us we said what about 'Hank Marvin?' how come he can still play? We were told that that was different.....not explaining how.....something to do with his ex-wife. I figure now it may have something to do with the WBT$ wanting cash from those better off brothers and sisters(tm).

    I was looked down upon because I collected Marvel and DC comics.

    This is me now in the cap.....

    The R&F are a bunch of judgmental twats aren't they............perhaps by judging others they fell safer in themselves.

  • blondie

    Sisters at the meeting and/or convention. When US jws came to Lebanon, sisters sat on one side and brothers on the other.

    Maybe they should go back to that and add the burkas.

    *** yb04 pp. 146-147 Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) 1963 ***

    “The first night of the visit, at the Kingdom Hall, we found the brothers to be quiet and shy toward us. Once the meeting started, we observed something unusual. The brothers and older boys sat on one side of the hall; the smaller children and sisters sat on the other side. The brothers’ side was quite full when the meeting began, but there were few sitting on the sisters’ side. As the meeting progressed, more sisters arrived with little ones in tow and with Bibles and books gracefully balanced on their heads.

    *** yb87 p. 233 Trinidad and Tobago ***

    The new missionaries had to get readjusted in a number of ways, and they also helped the local brothers to make some adjustments. At the Kingdom Hall it was noticed that the brothers sat on one side of the hall and were all dressed in navy blue or black suits. The sisters, dressed in white, sat on the other side of the hall.

    *** w06 3/1 pp. 15-16 Knowing What Is Right and Doing It ***

    During those early days, the brothers in India needed to come into closer alignment with Jehovah’s organizational arrangements. In some congregations, men sat on one side of the meeting room while women sat on the other.

  • Phizzy

    I was always a bit of a vocal rebel, so was judged accordingly, fair enough. The judgement I would have loved to have heard was when the B.O E were considering who to recommend as an Elder.

    I did give them a let out by loudly saying I did not want to be one, and maybe that was sufficient, but I would venture that over the years they discussed me and had to find some sort of a reason other than my refusal, but what did they say ?

    I wasn't doing anything really wrong apart from sniggering at silly statements from the platform etc

    It would be interesting to know, probably they said Mrs Phizzy was not regular in F.S, true, she hated it, but she was no less regular than many Elders wives.

    I guess they simply did not wish to have me on the B.O E as a known non-society man.

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