Did other JWs judge you? What for?

by Julia Orwell 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • designs

    For having a moustache (circa 1970)

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Ah yes, facial hair. It was a huge no no in my area. The occasional moustache slipped thru but not that often.

    What about parents being judged because of their kids?

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Ah yes, facial hair. It was a huge no no in my area. The occasional moustache slipped thru but not that often.

    What about parents being judged because of their kids?

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    I reported the BoE to our C.O. (and he agreed with my complaint!!) From the moment the C.O. left, my wife and I were "marked" by the Elders, and their wives treated us like dirt under their feet!

    The P.O. (as he was then) even blatantly ignored me when I spoke to him!

    In my present congregation, Elders take turns to come and eavesdrop on my conversations with certain ones in the cong. It is so obvious it's pathetic!

    Not for much longer, hopefully!

  • designs

    JO- I was a funny culture back then. Flared pants, colored shirts, side burns, hair over your ears. I got back from a skiing trip to Colorado and was to have a part on the Circuit Assembly ( I grew the moustache while on vacation) and the Elders said I couldn't go on because of the stache.

  • piztjw

    I worked on a ranch, and broke horses for a living. Supposedly not showing respect for life as one could get seriously hurt or killed doing that. I set aside part of my wages every month in savings for later needs. I purchased life insurance. I purchased health insurance. I took home study college courses. Those are just a few things that put me on the "witness radar" as someone who was "weak".

  • Imminent1975

    I was talked to by the PO because I was having a party and I did not prohibit drinking. (alcohol) It was 100 degree weather in Texas in July-August. The next day I counted the beer bottles in the trash. Not that many bottles considering the size of the "gathering". He and his co-PO, his wife, remained mad at me for years.

    Judged for wearing a sport jacket on stage for a ministry school part. Counciled for not wearing a jacket at the bookstudy in a brothers home that would NOT turn on the air-conditioning, (again Texas in June-August). He couldn't afford it. Counciled for having mixed up the coat to matching pants in a suit. Similar colors but not quite the same. My mistake in a hurry in a dark closet but, Definitely showed a spiritual weakness on my part.

    Counciled for playing in a garage band a few brothers had at their private homes. Any sister that had any cosmetic proceedure/etc was toast. Judged heavily for any drinking anywhere at any time, on vacation, at the home mowing the grass, anywhere. So I just started drinking heavy. Interesting, after my fade, I don't drink that much any more. LOL.

  • Ucantnome

    i don't know. i was counseled a few times.

    one time i was asked to come in to the small room and the elder told me it was reported i had been seen leaving a sisters flat quite late in the evening. i said i'll be more discreet next time. didn't want them judging me.

  • LongHairGal


    I was "judged" for some of the same things you were.

    The narrow-minded envious people there have REAL issues not just about somebody with college or a career but anybody who appears to have anything going for them, no matter how much the person doesn't give it a second thought and is even open and friendly. You cannot appease jealous or biased personalities.

    They also have VERY serious issues about single women, modesty and dress. You might not be after anybody's husband, but they SURE are threatened anyway!! All those stupid older married women should be ashamed of themselves and their useless, catty talk!

    After having "faded" all these years it all seems so ridiculous and I am glad this nonsense is all in my past.

  • SadElder

    Judged for having too much money; for taking a pioneer couple, who had nothing, on vacation with us and paying their way; for having a gold ring on my left hand as well as right; for having guns; for driving a Lincoln and not a Chevrolet like everyone else (they went apoplectic when I bought my wife a Mercedes); for quoting other Bible translations in my talks..... oh it could go on and on.

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