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  • Vidiot

    leaving_quietly - "I was surprised to see regular publishers called 'rank-and-file' in an official court document, though. Most telling."

    Nah, the WT heirarchy has been calling 'em that since the 70s.

    BluesBrother - "Liar, Liar pants on fire!"


    If you have to cheat to defend your ideology, your ideology doesn't deserve to be defended.

  • ProfCNJ

    Good morning folks. After showing this to my wife, she asked if there's a possibility the document was edited. I told her it would be hard to alter the content, otherwise the message would not be consistent.

    Nevertheless, would it be possible that the posted and scanned pdf file be edited to make it appear that the legal views of the lawyer counter what is really being practiced? Thanks for understanding my point.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    ProfCNJ - we all know that virtually ANYTHING is possible by using technology these days, so why not contact -

    a) the court for verification, and then

    b) the Legal Department at Patterson (tel. number on court document) to get their explanation - if the courthouse confirms the document IS accurate.

    CONTACT - SDCOURT.CA.GOV to view or request copies of court documents!

  • The Searcher
  • bobert

    Awesome. Might come in use.

  • Stirred

    This post along with my own feelings that reporting field service time leads to caste system and discouragement (etc), led me to report my first zero report. I was asked diredtly by elder for report That was not turned in for prior month. I stated that I had zero (with confidence and no shame) and asked if he'd like me to hand him a slip with zero on it to confirm. He said no slip was necessary. He seemed a bit shocked. My husband was surprised though inactive.

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