Live Forever on a Paradise Earth

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  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    Why limit this to paradise earth? One could also ask, what would living forever in heaven be like? Sooner or later you’re going to know all the other angels, and I don’t suppose they engage in any sports, or watch detective shows, or have tough projects. This immortal soul thing sucks even more than everlasting life on earth. At least with the latter you can top yourself if you’ve had enough after a few zillion millenniums, if you’re immortal you’re stuffed.

  • KateWild

    would we still have annoying co workers?-HeyThere

    Who cares about annoying co-workers we would still have annoying elders who relish in their power to judge us. We will be put on restrictions and punished for free thinking. It will be a cult paradise, full of depressed souls, hypocrites and liars if it will be full of JWs.

    How is that paradise in any sense of the word?

    Kate xx

  • Theredeemer

    Even the israelites started to hate the magical, honey tasting food from the sky!

  • jgnat

    Mmmmmm. Baklava.



    No clothes means no individuality and no excitement when they come off....boring. Eternal paradise ran by JWs sounds like pure hell. I decided a couple of years ago that I would rather be dead.

    The only way eternity would be enjoyable, IMO, would be if we built Gigantic Motherships and forever explored the Universe, stopping to only to have sex in ways that the GB forbids. Since no one has ever lived forever on Earth, meaning there is ZERO evidence, I don't have to worry about it.


  • TTATTelder

    What a blast all the resurrected pedophiles will have.

    Little witness kids everywhere and the whole earth being run by an organization trained to keep it hush hush.


  • exwhyzee

    Since we are all former JW's and were programmed by them to beleive they are Gods chosen people, it seems like some of us haven't quite gotten rid of that idea and are still assuming that JW's will even be allowed into the "Paradise" let alone be the ones running it....if it even happens.

  • Hermano

    JW Paradise would be like living under a totalitarian regime. Life would be a bitch. Obey or die. You drink a little too much alcohol a couple of times and that could be the end of you. You can't control your lustful thoughts for sister so-and-so, you might get zapped by Jehovah. Can't get that masturbation "problem" under control? The elders might stone you. After all, there will be no Ceasar to stop them from carrying out Jehovah's will to the fullest. And god forbid you have independent thoughts....

    I think I'll stick to the good ol' USA with all it's problems and imperfections. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go masturbate.

  • redvip2000

    And who will do all the drudge jobs? Cleaning sewers, digging holes, lifting heavy things etc?

    Forget that. That's something that JWs can probably do. Now, think electricity. Who's going to run nuclear powerplants and maintain them? Know any laborers and window washers that can do it? You want to go visit family in europe? Who's flying the planes and who's managing air traffic control?

    Need gas for your tractor? Better forget that, because no one will be operating the refineries. So go right ahead and bring out the old shovel, because there are no supermarkets either, so you better get used to potatoes, onions and not much else, because all of the pineaples, and bananas are in South America where they belong and there are no distributing companies. What was that? Steak dinner? Nope, no more of that either. All of the cows are playing with lions in your front yard, and you can't touch them.

    So after a long hard day of working the fields trying to grow some spinash and onions to eat, time to eat them and sit back and relax, watch your favorite show on Tv. Oh right! The people that ran TV stations and produced shows and wrote interesting books were all killed. I guess it's back to the pile of Washtowell magazines for yet another night of reading of how great Jehoober is for taking away everything you had before.

    Luckily tomorrow is Sunday, so you get to spend your day on the front porch watching sheep and leopards dance around together. Then perhaps a barbeque where you will grill zuchinni and garlic, and gather around with friends singing from the kingdom melodies book until the wee-hours of the evening. Tomorrow is another early day of digging and shoveling the fields, and then try to build a new chair for the kitchen - boy i miss those Ikea stores.

  • jgnat

    My daughter's got hooked on a TV show called "The Hundred", where the remnants of humankind are circling the globe in original space stations, starting to show their age. I got to thinking that the worn clothing of the space station dwellers, realistic, considering that they got cut off of the entire infrastructure network that is civilization.

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