"Only if you get a court order." wink, wink

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  • ssn587

    Jdubs arent allowed to thnk for themxelves, so they dont

  • Jeannette

    Their god surely wanted that blood sacrifice. Makes him happy with that sweet savour.

  • Vidiot

    rebel8 - "I'm surprised the Thought Police have not come out with an article saying jehoopla reads the hearts and judges as bloodguilty those who are relieved when forced to take blood."

    Well, Barb Anderson has been saying lately that the WTS heirarchy has been trying to quietly phase out the blood ban (without actually looking like they're phasing it out, of course) for some time, now...

    laika - "...most are convinced that blood transfusions are not just immoral, but also a poor medical choice."

    Older ones? Sure...

    ...they lived through the AIDS scare back in the 80s, not to mention that late-20th-Century WT theology really stoked the "Satan's World" paranoia amongst the R&F.

    Younger ones? Not so much...

    ...they grew up in an era when a great deal more confidence is placed in the medical establishment; among other things, safely screened transfusions are commonly known to be a fundamental aspect of it.

  • Vidiot

    cofty - "In the UK doctors get court orders with no problem if children are involved. I am certain that JW parents are always secretly relieved."

    Here in Canada, too.

    I became a parent when I was still in, and although I can't speak for all, I can tell you unequivocally that I sure was secretly comforted to know that.

    Hell, I was comforted to know that when I was a JW kid.

    rebel8 - "I don't remember the kidnapping per se, but I know I was subject to practice drills on tricking healthcare providers. These practice drills were done regularly by the elders and my jw parent. Lie to the school nurse about how much blood you've lost. Go to different ERs each time. Lie to the hospital about how much blood you've lost. Pretend you're not ready to faint. Pinch your cheeks and wear opaque nail polish to make anemia less apparent. If forced to have a transfusion, distract the staff and pull it out once they leave the room. Sneak out of the hospital and find a payphone; call home or elders (phone #s memorized as part of drill)."

    Amazing how batshit crazy it all seems when you look back on it, huh?

  • Vidiot

    Phizzy - "The WT, simply looking after its $$$, will not do the obvious thing and make it a conscience matter officially, they are afraid they will be sued even then."

    They're probably right.

    What's more, they probably know they'd deserve it, too, which makes them feel doubly scared.

    I figured this out long before I even considered fading.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Take the friggin blood transfusion and at least give yourself or your loved one a fighting chance to live. Then claim that you were "under pressure" and stumbled, you know kinda like old Peter did when he denied Christ.

    JW's were wrong about many strongly held "Truths" suchas: 1914, 1925, 1975, "this generation", who the "fds" really is, who the "superior authorities" are, etc., etc., then they got "nu-lite" and changed their doctrine. Those false teachings and subsequent changes didn't cost anyone their life. They're wrong about "no blood" and hopefully, but it's not very likely that they will someday also change that stupid doctrine. Getting the 'blood' doctrine wrong kills people.

    It's always easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

    just saying!


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I was walking through Mt. Sinai Medical Center, a powerhouse for medicine in Manhattan. A JW mom was insisting that her teen age daughter receive no blood. The hospital worker was explaining tht the mother had no rights. A crowd of people were overhearing the conversation. This is before HIPPA. The facial expressions were priceless. True horror would sum it up accurately. Should this woman ever have custody over her daughter again? What did the daughter feel as her mom was so glad to see her die for Jehovah? The mom pretended as thou she stood any chance at all. People were shaking their heads. I stumbled upon this situation. It is never my goal to run into JWs, particularly when they would murder their children. The cult mentality was apparent.

    Too bad she only gave birth to one child. I am serious that child custody should be removed. When my mom was denying blood transufsions to my baby sister, I forced her to remove the restriction. My vow was to reach a judge as her sister before the hospital intervened. I witnessed someone refusing blood in the ER a month ago. The woman was so articulate. How does such a woman become a JW? It was clear she was going to die without blood. The doctors attitude was resigned. She was only middle-aged.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    rebel8: "Recently had a discussion with a surgeon who said jw parents "usually" (her word, not mine) privately say they will take blood if the provider gets a court order."

    I think I must be missing something here. I've been told by several people (some JWs, some not) who work in and around Emergency medicine that many ERs have access to judges, 24/7, who are willing to issue court orders so that JW kids receive life-saving blood transfusions.

    Once a court order is issued, it doesn't matter whether the JW parents are willing to "take" blood or not, the kid's going to get it. In fact, if the JW parents continue to raise a big stink once the court order has been issued, they look extra righteous to whatever HLC vultures happen to be lurking.

    Could you please clarify what exactly the JW parents in this kind of situation are agreeing to?


  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Elders have form/publication S-55 "How parents can protect their children from the misuse of blood". The current stance on blood involving children has not been published in over a decade right now, however S-55 (2010) clearly states their views. Parents cannot obtain a copy although elders are encouraged to discuss it with parents of newborn children or others in such situations => From the document: If a court order is issued despite one's best efforts, continue to ask the physician not to transfuse and to urge that non-blood alternative treatments be utilized.

  • sarahsmile

    Blood transfusion can be given without family member or elders knowing. So yes I can see this happening.

    I provided in my files that blood transfusions would not be done in front of family and friends but strictly in private.

    Good post and important to encourage HAs to go private blood transfusions. No one will know.

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