Are all JWs united in their beliefs?

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    They are united in one thought...& this is the domineering thought...."THIS IS GOD'S ORGANIZATION"..that is what you can get them to all agree on. Why? Because that makes them feel elite....& that's most of the witnesses motivation for staying...oh yes, 1914....many don't know what happened in 1914 but they do agree on that date...ah, forgot....607 BC...I looked in the encyclopedia & it mentions another date...yet the witnesses say not to trust worldly info., but don't they quote from the encyclopedia as well...

    Just saying..


  • eyeuse2badub

    The ever changing beliefs of jw's are like the old jewish joke. "What do you get when you have 10 jewish men in a room? 11 different opinoins!

    just saying!


  • objectivetruth

    Drewcoul - "

    This is actually something is taught, but not explcitly. This creates a paradox to which there are no real good answers. Basically, you could get a witness to say that it's no better to be a Witness than a non-witness so long as you die before Armageddon.

    So, it ends up like this: Don't be a witness and hope armageddon doesn't come in your lifetime, or be a Witness and hope it does. Armageddon is basically the only time you're better off being a witness. They would have a hard time admitting it, but it is found in their doctrine."

    Nicely Stated!

    Its so absurd that they teach that the great crowd, (who are said to have salvation in Revelation), will have a final test, at the end of the Millenium.

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