Audio of Detroit Propaganda Video

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  • kneehighmiah

    The problem with this video is that it's aimed at the less educated friends. The ones who aren't going are the more educated wealthy friends. We all know that brothers in poor countries already cross crocodile infested waters to attend. It's the educated ones who are waking up and not buying this nonsense. To them this video just confirms the level of desperation and has no sway over them. I'm sure they already knew ford field has handrails a/c etc before they decided they weren't attending.

  • sir82

    If I were on the fence about going to Detroit, hearing that "parking is going to be a bit of a challenge" would pretty much seal the deal to stay home or go to another one.

    The prospect of parking next to condemned crackhouse and walking 14 blocks to the convention site is less than appealing.

  • baldeagle

    The WTS is really emphasizing all the creature comforts, and luxurious amenities in order to convince all the spoiled and pampered American JW’s. Material things or luxuries that help to provide for one's bodily comfort is usually spoken as being secondary. Here we have a list of conveniences that will specifically contribute to bodily comfort and ease of mind. Here are some excerpts from this silly embarrassing marketing video:

    …..A beautiful location… the entertainment district of Detroit, a safe place, a lot to do, it's wonderful all the way around.....The cleanness, the comfort.....Many restaurants, a lot to do around here, a lot of businesses, a lot of people walking around. Restrooms, I was surprised to see how many there were, how large they were. Many stalls in there, also very clean.

    Ford Field is just beautiful; you can call it state of the art. …..Ford Field offers the comforts of home, nice seats, they’ve got Jumbotrons…..see the speaker from any area in the stadium. Nice leg room…..also cup holders, the seats were plush. Ford Field is air conditioned, and it’s gorgeous, its sound system is just exquisite…..Jehovah’s spirit is on this arrangement.......The GB it’s demonstrating its love for the brothers to be able to establish something that’s organized in this way… reflects their direction and the depth of their love for us…………

    Our brothers in the Branch office really care about us, they care about our comfort, they care about our cars, and so they want to make sure that we’re safe and well provided for.

    But this has got to be the biggest line of crap ever: Our brothers truly love us, more than we love us. So we know that it is going to work.

    Now I’ve heard it all!! They love me more than I do, really? You may love your spouse more than yourself. You definitely love your children more than yourself, and would give up your life for them. But are some dudes at the branch (The Magnificent 7) with food, clothing, shelter, and medical coverage for life, worried about me?

    This religion is getting more and more desperate. They have no shame in what they say. Do they really think the brothers will keep putting up with it all? The F&DS is starting to experience some push back and resistance regarding some of these assembly locations. For me a video is unprecedented in the GB showing their disfavor. This may become the new normal with this latest technology. When some resistance or conflict is observed and reported, a congregation video can be televised to squash the insurgents.

    Oh by the way they had me at, “There were hand railings on the ramps.”

  • Pistoff

    'Jehovah has invited us to be at the Detroit area international convention'

    Apparently, Jehovah has not been to Detroit.

  • blondie

    So do all the venues in the US have the same quality facilities? What about previous years, what was the Silverdome like, other places in years gone by in Michigan?

    I can remember being in ballparks with no AC (except the special boxes used only by the privileged jws), boiling hot one day, freezing cold the next as the wind blew off Lake Michigan, before potty parity especially when sisters were expected to take all the kids to the potty even the boys while the men did more important things like taking notes at their seats.

    What a bunch of bs.

  • baltar447

    Sam Whiskey, I don't know what you're referring to as being a spoof. My image is from the movie Doctor Detroit with Dan Aykroid:

  • Crank!!!

    As someone who has been to Ford Field many times (thankfully for a much more exciting Sunday afternoon) the place is awesome. But the parking is going to be fun to watch (I work in downtown Detroit), they will be parking 5/6 blocks away next to crack houses and will be walking past hundreds of bums/beggars, I wonder how many will give them a tract and day jah will provide! Lol

    to answer your question blonde, the silverdome would routinely get to 100 degrees inside in the summer, no AC, I'm sure that's why they mentioned that, every year several elderly attendees would pass out from heat stroke!

  • sir82

    they care about our cars

    Put your money where your mouth is, Losch. Wash & wax my car & have it ready by 3 PM.

    This video appears to be one of the more truly bizarre things they've ever come up with.

    The people who would be impressed by it are the same ones who would go to Detroit, or Mogadishu, if the GB requested it anyway.

    I really don't see how this would convince those who are disposed to disobey the "glorious princes" to begin with.

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    I remember well the hot assemblies at the Silverdome. But the worst assembly I remember was at the State fairgrounds in Detroit (1964). We thought at first it was a tornado hitting. The wind blew over the speaker's stand, and the program had to stop for awhile. We were sitting back under a roofed area and thought we would be OK. But the wind drove the rain horizontally back into the grandstand. We put up an umbrella but it turned inside out and rain drenched our clothes and our bookbags. After the weather cleared, we saw men walking around in wet suits that looked like they were shrinking on their bodies, and women had makeup running down their faces. A lot of people left, but not me. The program resumed after maybe half an hour. And, being the good J Dub that I was, I sat and listened to the revealing of a "new truth" regarding the resurrection.

    Some of us thought we were going to need a resurrection.

  • Londo111


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