Nauseating section for small children - CUTOUTS? Really?

by BluePill2 40 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • baldeagle

    You just can't make this stuff up. I had to see it for myself!!

  • AnneB

    Now Caleb has a car! Sophia doesn't, but what can you expect? This is dubdom she's dealing with!

    Caleb is obviously not on the fast track himself; his car has no doors! Not two, not the requisite four for taking people with him in field service.

    WT is definitely grooming the youth the Kingdom Way; the web page instructs children to make the car and give it to someone. Who benefits from the fruit of that labor?

    Run, Caleb! Run!

  • BluePill2

    Knowing the money grubbers in Brooklyn this will be next in the Caleb & Sophia series. Wanna bet?

    "Knowing Jehovah"

    Little John, you know Jehovah loves you if you stuff these colored papers into the wooden box at the Kingdom Hall. Jehovah will hurt Mommy and Daddy if you don't put these in that box. Once you grow up, please stuff as many of these as possible into the box, yes? Do you wanna lose Mommy and Daddy? No? Then please learn to give.

  • BluePill2

    Money cutouts for children. JW.Vomit should put these up:

    Money cutots

  • sarahsmile

    I thought they were targeting Haspanic families!

    Mormon undergarment too funny!

    Not too sure why this is a bad thing!

    I hope they start Sunday schools!

    I take that back! Ekks, puke!

  • Syme

    Darn, BluePill, you made my stomach feel like it's been visited by a tractor.

  • frankiespeakin

    These cut outs lets these sick bastards/Governing Body into young children's minds though cheap paper cut outs downloaded to a printer. The cheap and ever so devious Governing Body makes a stab at the innocent children to indoctrinate then with their selfserving-> Bible exegesis durring their formative years to guarrantee the Corporation survival and have a large group free labor for the cause latter to which they capitalize on.

  • conflama

    Are you guys athiests? I dont understand whats going on here. And People take their kids to church. All over the world, every single church. you guys think children shouldnt go to church? are you athiests?

  • rebel8

    Mormon underwear was my first thought as well.

    Is this really on I can't stand to view that website.

    Next up, a doll showing a doll getting taken to the bathroom for a spanking because a kid was playing with them during the meeting.

    A flag with a big circle/red X through it, and a doll sitting down.

    A doll reading a magazine cutout in the school cafeteria.

    A doll giving a sign language talk about masturbation.

    Are the meeting clothes really geeky and modest?

    Stop me now.

    you guys think children shouldnt go to church?

    I don't think children should go to religious ceremonies that require them to sit still for long periods of time (not age-appropriate) & punish them if they don't, talk about adult things in great detail (masturbation, oral sex, etc.) and freak them out with stories about jehoho mass murdering people in horrible ways (including innocent kids/pets).

    are you athiests?

    Some of us are, some aren't.

  • rebel8


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