Is the U.N. preparing to attack Religion

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  • confusedandalone

    About 5 minutes ago I get an article emailed to me from my mother telling me that I need to find a way to get back to Jehovah and his saving arm... she read an article in a REPUTABLE newspaper that all the friends are using to show that its not just Jehovahs Witnesses who see RELIGION about to get attacked by the U.N.

    It concludes with a link to the article and her desire for me to please read it in light of my recent situation.

    Here is the article

    The writer Bill Underwood is a Jehovah's Witness. He obviously does not make that clear in the article... afterall why would he and destroy his credibility.

    So of course I shoot her back a response to infoiirm her of this.... dead.... silence. They are obviously grasping at straws now.

    In case you get this link you can be prepared

  • Vidiot

    confusedandalone - "The writer Bill Underwood is a Jehovah's Witness."

    Not only that, but previous articles he's written on the subject (the links are on the same page) give specific details of WT eschatology (without crediting the WTS, strangely enough).

    If he's promoting JW theology without telling anyone it's JW theology, that's called "stealth evangelism", and it's shady and underhanded.


    You may write her back and show her that the WTBTS is still in league with the OSCE, the PRIMARY PARTNER of Satan's wild beast/governments. Why is the WTBTS joined up with an organization that will take part in an attack on JWs??


  • pixel

    Is funny the author refers to JW as "a religious website," Is this how now they want to be referred to? JW? Lol.

    Edit: That author is bias as... I dont know as waht but damn he is!

  • Vidiot

    I did get a kick out of his suggestion that the UN was a "sleeping lion" rather than a "paper tiger"; it reminds me of conspiracy theorists who insist that FEMA is poised to take over the US, declare martial law, and indefinately suspend constitutional government in the event of another 9/11.

    The UN Security Council barely has the ability to enforce resolutions that protect religious freedoms, let alone successfully marshall a planet-wide campaign to supress them, not to mention that the US (the most religious country in the Western World) has veto authority on any resolution it doesn't like.

    Something tells me he's putting this stuff out there to maybe "plant the seeds of revolution"; to try and somehow make it happen so that the WTS can end up being right all along.

    He wouldn't be the first JW to do it, after all.

  • Caedes

    Is the UN preparing to attack religion?

    No, the fact that religions are losing their special status and being condemmed for protecting paedophiles is not the same thing as attacking religion.

    As an atheist I believe that everyone has the right to choose whatever religion they please so long as they dont hurt others.

  • Crazyguy

    You might also inform her that the bible says at Romans 3:21 God's righteousness is for all who have faith, no distinction. Also John 6:44 says god's calling all his people to Jesus, so why are not JW's. And again at romans 10:9 we are to confess that jesus is lord and if we do this we will be saved, so again why don't JWs make this clear in their theology? Ask her if the Organization of some religion its arm going to save her, or does the bible say that it its Jesus? Ask why when everyone else during armageddon is going to be praying out loud for jesus to save them shes going to be yelling Watchtower Track and bible Society of new york please save me?

  • baltar447

    If, as the UN says, religions and belief systems are not protected by human rights - and I agree, they clearly are not – what prevents them from taking the next step: deciding that religions and belief systems are nothing more than ancient superstitions that are doing more harm than good, and that it’s time to ban them?

    Hmm, the case could be made!

  • Watchtower-Free

    Check this jokers recent article saying life for humans is worse than ever.. Pure confirmation bias and cult speech

  • punkofnice

    Can't believe all you read in the gutter press ay? Otherewise the JWs will have to believe the Guardian article about the UN.

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