The JW religion has just cost me my marriage & my family life

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  • jambon1

    After leaving the organisation 10 years ago I fought with everything I had to stay in my marriage and with my three children.

    After a tumultuous number of years trying to maintain a happy family life while living in a divided home, it's finally over.

    The religion is single handedly responsible for destroying my marriage and my family. My wife's unswerving loyalty to the organisation, without caring to investigate even one of my concerns took its toll and now I'm left with nothing. My wife is a loving, caring, woman. Things could've been so different for us.

    Well done the JW religion! You have accomplished the division that your holy book brags about.

    Now I must rebuild my life.


  • freemindfade
    Im very sorry to hear this, at times I too fear my life is headed that direction
  • Crazyguy
    Really sorry to hear this, hopefully you can wake-up some of your children. Also when you feel up to it maybe you can share some of the things that you believed you may have done wrong or differently so the rest of us have a better chance of saving our families from this disgusting cult.
  • mimimimi

    I'm so sorry to hear this. Hopefully, you can be a good influence to help your children out of this sick religion. As painful as things are right now, you can build a good life going forward. How sad that your wife chooses the organization over not only you, but your children as well. The organization will always come first, whatever life may bring for your children. How old are your children?

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    Sorry to hear that. I know exactly what your going through and it's not easy. I also lost my wife, we were headed towards 30 years of marriage. And it was a great marriage, until I started waking up and voicing my concerns. She also is a kind, caring woman but is deadly afraid losing her everlasting life in paradise earth. There was nothing I could do. Me against everlasting life in paradise earth. - I couldn't compete.

    Welcome to the forum.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    you have my full sympathy and understanding. i lost mine 30 years ago. life has turned full circle---my son left the cult--i found him --after 25 years of loss--through facebook. he has now all but lost his family too--its a huge price we pay to the cult.

    The WBT$ JW Cult Breaks up Marriages and Families..

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  • Heaven

    jambon, I am very sorry about this. It is disgusting.

    Well done the JW religion! You have accomplished the division that your holy book brags about.

    This is 100% accurate. Anyone who doesn't agree, check out Matthew 10:35.

  • jambon1

    My kids are 5, 11 & 13. My youngest two I've banned from attending. My eldest, my daughter, goes along but isn't entirely immersed in the JW lifestyle. I still feel I have plenty of scope for influencing her.

    What could I have done differently? Well, that's a hard one.

    I couldn't bear the divide in my marriage any longer. My wife refused over a period of ten years to look into one single issue that I had investigated and found to be corrupt, untrue or morally wrong. Not one thing. I found that very difficult to accept. I always thought that she might have a 'lighbulb moment' over matters like disfellowshipping or blood as she is devoted to her children. I always held a bit of hope that she would perhaps mentally leave the religion one day. I was wrong.

    As a married couple we were miles apart. Completely divided by our world view and the future goals we wanted for our children. How can one proceed in a marriage like that?

    To my wife's own admission, even on a text message yesterday, she 'couldn't have asked for a better husband.' I worked hard and supported my family in every way possible. I was a bloody good dad. My only regret is that I eventually found my wife's depression very difficult to handle. But in spite of that, for ten years, through all the division I tried to make it work.

    I noticed that I posted this 8 months ago and similar posts in the past.

    The writting has been on the wall for years, sadly. It's incredibly sad.

  • GrreatTeacher

    I noticed you used the past tense when saying you were a good dad.

    Don't do that! You are the same dad you always have been! Arguably better because you are showing your kids how to live a healthy life, now!

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