Book Burning and other burning of materials done by JW. Any experiences Please post

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  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    As a very young child I have memories of several book burnings done by JW families. It wasn't something arranged by the congregation, but Elders did participate in it. It was actually scary for me as a child of only about 8 years old. The books being burned were from a study of one the Elders. She was a single mother and she was quite messed up in the head. She claim her doll attacked her. So guess what? That doll got the heave ho into the fire pit also.There were several JW surrounding the pit of fire, claiming to hear demons wale.

    Are witnesses still this bat shit crazy when it comes to demons?

    The other book burning took place at about age of 16. My JW friend and I began playing AD&D (Dungeons & Dragons). Even though my father wasn't a witness and he was educated, he wouldn't allow me to play or posses the material, because of the news stories about D&D. I wasn't too obedient with that rule. My JW friend was a slob and his mother would constantly clean his room. He would hide his books in that trash pit. Well one day when I went to his house there was a pile of ash on the porch. He was at the kitchen table surrounded by bibles and Insight book. I was told to go home. My JW friend ratted me out to my dad. I asked my father if he burned my books. He told me that he isn't wasting money, and had me turn them back in for store credit. I used that store credit a few months later to buy the books again. lol

  • tiki
    not books - but I do remember a rug burning because it was possessed by a demon who would vacuum and clean house after the couple had gone to bed.
  • eva luna
    eva luna

    I remember this as a kid too.

    They didn't burn. Proof the demons were hiding in them.

    Ever tried to burn a bond book?


  • Simon

    I remember when I was little getting a book on card tricks out of the library.

    My hypochondriac / slightly-mental sister suddenly decided that she was seeing apparitions in the house and that we needed to burn the book. Of course I just took it back to the library. It was card tricks that a 10 year old kid could do. Not that she must have been impressionable but there was probably something in the WT that week.

    She later married another JW nutter who thought that a brother doing Tommy Cooper style comedy routine and tricks at a wedding was "performing dark magic with the help of Satan's demons" (exact words). I guess there must have been another WT out at the time, LOL.

    Man, I look back at my family and think it's a wonder I can even feed myself.

  • cantleave

    In the 80's there was a talk at a district CONvention "Music that Debases" - that resulted in many albums and tapes being burned / thrown away, including all my Supertramp, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin and Ozzy Osbourne

  • TheOldHippie

    Stupid post. Burning books? Yeah, sure. The only book burning that took place, was the Nazis burning JW books back in the 30's.

    Burning books? Man, what topic!

  • Wild_Thing
    not books - but I do remember a rug burning because it was possessed by a demon who would vacuum and clean house after the couple had gone to bed.

    Now that is one demon I would not get rid of!

  • hoser
    Yep as a teenager we were made to burn led zeppelin , prism, fleet wood Mac and a whole bunch of other lps that I can't remember.
  • DwainBowman

    My first girlfriend's family, found s strange book under a couch cucusion after a relative visited. It was in another language, and had a funny diagram on the front, and many more inside! Well the family had, a few set backs after the relative left, and before they found the book! Well it had to be demonic with all those strange symbols all though it! They burned it and everything she had used, sheets, towels, a barrel full of stuff. Everything burned, except the book! More prof it was demonic! They soaked it in kerosene overnight, piled a bunch of wood on it, and lit it up! Burned for 2 hours, still some of it remained! They took it somewhere and buried it!

    Some years later, a German chemistry teacher had a copy, it was all about chemistry! And very old, and worth a good sum of money!

    The relative was a chemical major in college!

  • Prefect

    Not a burning.

    But years ago my mother and my younger sister threw away my 9 inch high orange haired Smurf. When I found out it was too late.

    The bin men had been and emptied the bins.

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