Book Burning and other burning of materials done by JW. Any experiences Please post

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  • dropoffyourkeylee
    I burned all my bound volumes and 70's era books, does that count? It was a pretty sight. I don't miss them.
  • disillusioned 2
    disillusioned 2

    When my dad was studying his study conductor encouraged him to get rid of the wooden Buddha he had. They tried to break it with a hammer, it wouldn't break so they threw it on a bonfire on bonfire night. They watched it burning making sure it was all gone.

    I also got rid of a lot of my albums. Fleetwood Mac because Stevie Nicks was a white witch! Queen, for obvious reasons. Don't suppose we should have had any really. 'Worldly Music'!

  • Quarterback
    There was a JW man that burned up his playboy collection. Had he saved them, today they would be worth so much .
  • blondie

    Never, not in 59 years and 20 congregations.

    I don know jws that had old yellowing magazines stored out in the garage that could have been burned.

  • DwainBowman
    57 yesrs and 32 cong!
  • kaik
    I never witnessed book burning, but I have heard about it in the 1970's in Czechoslovakia. They were some regular event when JWs would gather to burn things they considered demonic. We had one sister in the congregation who claimed that she had demonic painting and the elders agreed. They decided to burn it in the fireplace with the frame. I also heard that one couple burned gobelin tapestry they considered demonic or was from someone who became apostate. This was all in the late 1970's and early 1980's.
  • talesin

    My grandmother had a good sized library of books in the attic. Let's just say that she was involved with some interesting groups, as was her whole family (as well as being IBS and subsequently JWS).

    When I was about 14, my grandfather took all the books, piled them up in the field, and burned them. Because they were 'demonized' - books about occultism, satanism, illuminati, all kinds of intresting stuff!.

    Of course, this was way in the country so I did not witness it. He claimed that the books wouldn't burn, even after using gasoline as a lighter fluid. So he kept soaking them, and eventually the pile burned. *rolling my eyes here*

    Now, I'm sure the 'gasoline' thing was a lie, because Grandfather was neither superstitious nor was he ignorant. He had a degree from Kings College, which was rare back in the 30s. .I think my grandmother was afraid (death was drawing near) because of all the stuff she was involved with in her younger years, and wanted to prove she was now a 'good Xtian'. It's weird, for sure - but my family is very very strange.

    For sure, though, the books were burned.

    And yeah, I was upset........ BOOKS! How can you burn BOOKS! : (

  • Splash

    A friend (not a friend of a friend, but my own personal buddy) bought some headphones from a market.
    When he used them he got a splitting headache. He told his elder father who suggested it was demons, so he should burn them, which my friend did.

    Another personal friend made the decision that his Bat out of Hell cassette was bad, so burned it.

  • rebelfighter

    Okay, I thought this religion was strange but this thread just topped the cake!!! Really these things really go on.

    It is a good thing the Elder never came to my house, we would be having a huge fire for several days (LOL). If he ever found out what I allowed as a single parent, althougth I think he may suspect. My son had D&D and Majic the Gathering parties. Both of my kids turned out with super manners, praised by employers and super well liked. The Elder and I am sure none of you and neither do I agree with their philosophy on marriage but I cannot blame them. As they both have told me live together first make SURE it is right before we become you.

  • Londo111

    My father burned an NIV Bible a Pentecostal schoolmate gave me. Pentecostals were automatically suspect as carrying demons.

    Likely not the only burning in my youth, but the one that comes readily to mind.

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