Book Burning and other burning of materials done by JW. Any experiences Please post

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  • truthseeker100
    I remember as a kid my parents burning copies of Scientific American Magazines, not books but close. They noticed a few articles on the subject of evolution, they did that at the behest of a couple of real ultra dubs from Pennsylvania.
  • steve2

    Fundamentalists of all shapes and sizes burn sh*t. We should applaud their progressive outlook in confining their present-day bonfires to inanimate objects like "demonzied" possessions, worldly books and apostate literature because a few short centuries ago they burnt people.

    Sometimes you gotta step back to "see" the progress.

  • truthseeker100

    Sometimes you gotta step back to "see" the progress.

    LOL at that statement Steve2. Sarcasm right.

  • brandnew

    NWA tape got confiscated from bought another....


  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Eva luna, "Ever tried to burn a bond book?"

    I did with a Truth book. I don't remember if the cover burned but the pages did.

    It wasn't my Truth book, I simply tossed those (and I had them in 60 languages!). It was a book that my Baptist friend had on a shelf at his house. I remember a sister telling me (before I was disfellowshipped) that she had placed a book at that house, probably with his mother who was also a Baptist. After my disfellowshipping I told my friend that and he didn't want to believe that. So I looked at his shelf and, true enough, it was there. I suggested that it be burned and we had a fun time.

  • karter
    There was a watchtower or awake about how bad disco was quite a few young ones were into disco and got together for a burn up of that magazine. Karter
  • cappytan

    I got a Stephen King book from the school library. Tommyknockers.

    Mom found it, grounded me, made me burn it and then reimburse the library out of my allowance.

  • stillin
    I had a pretty extensive collection of books on Eastern mysticism, Yoga etc. threw them in a huge furnace and I wish I had them back now. The poetic content alone was beautiful!
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Don't recall any book burning parties, but Weegie boards that's

    a different story. One sister claimed that after learning the truth she

    attempted to get rid of it. She claimed she set it out for the trash pick up

    but the next day the trash was gone but the board remain. Now the sister

    was very large, so she jumped up and down on it in order to break it in pieces.

    That didn't work, so she discarded it on the side of the road.

    I should have realize then, what kind of people am I getting involve with.

  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge


    Stupid post. Burning books? Yeah, sure. The only book burning that took place, was the Nazis burning JW books back in the 30's. Burning books? Man, what topic!

    Can always tell who was a condescending elder at one point in their life. Bitter Bitter

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