What has happened to AJWRB?

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  • minimus

    Bottom line, that site does think they can/have changed things for JWs. JWs still get punished for taking blood.after all these years, not much has changed for the average Witness. The society has adjusted, though, for legal reasons.

  • jwfacts

    A single website or strategy cannot reform the Watchtower. However, pressure from many angles is taking its toll on the organisation. Various sites are doing their part on helping people leave, and since the reasons people leave as so varied, the sites need to be varied as well. Lawyers have to been diligent thinking about each new doctrine, and follow up on court cases due to education of members regarding issues such as blood and child abuse.

    Whilst AJWRB may not ever lead to changes to the Watchtower policy to the point of allowing blood transfusions, they have been a thorn in the legal departments side, who must carefully consider the implications of each move, since nothing can be hidden as it once was.

    Minimus - not much has changed for the average Witness

    The changes in 2000 have been huge. Few people these days need full blood transfusions. It is fractions that are usually required and now a range of products are available to JWs.

    Minimus - No JW that I know of has changed their opinion about blood.

    I did. It was during my research and questioning as a JW that I stumbled upon the site. Blood transfusions were one of the things I thought were set in stone. Acts 15 without question meant blood could not be used. AJWRB made me realise how naive such an understanding was.

  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    1 re·form

    verb \ri- ˈ f ȯ rm\

    : to improve (someone or something) by removing or correcting faults, problems, etc.

    We have had reform on many levels. Individual JWs who have already posted on this thread who abandoned their former beliefs on blood based in part on the work of AJWRB. Reform in the way many doctors deal with their JW patients and question them regarding their beliefs. Reform of the blood fractions the WTS permits. Reform of the WTS advance directive on blood. Reform of the way the WTS communicates their bizzare policy to the rank and file JW (they understand the policy better than they have at any time previous to AJWRB). To argue that there has been no reform and nothing accomplished by AJWRB sounds like an arguement that would be made by a troll or someone working for the WTS trying to undermine the efforts of those who oppose the WTS blood policy or someone who so deeply frustrated by the existence of the WTS they maintain a fantasy that the WTS can be destroyed. (I.E. its too evil to be reformed). Don't bet the farm on it. There is a much higher probability of chipping away at the most destructive elements of the WTS than there is of it ever going away.

    This is a very complex issue that requires time, patience, determination and expertise to address. Like many civil rights issues, it has dragged on for decades and it may very well drag on for more. AJWRB is positioning itself for the long haul at this time. You will be seeing and hearing more about this in the next 60 days or so.


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