What has happened to AJWRB?

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  • Haelcer

    Does anyone know what going on with AJWRB's website?

    "This domain maybe for sale! Buy it now! Click Here"

    Minimum bid is $69.

    Party's over?

  • blondie

    Randy Watters was trying to update it. Freeminds

  • rebel8

    I emailed Lee to alert him of this thread.

  • minimus

    Sorry but thus site should have revolutionized the blood issue to the point that JWs would not have to deal with the blood issue at all. What did the site really accomplish?? Nothing, ever, IMO.

  • steve2

    Well it started with a hiss and a roar but unfortunately could never get beyond hissing. Their videos were polished - but had an off-putting gravity that suggested the big guns were aiming to expose the Watchtower for its harsh policies on disfellowshipping. Quite how this would be accomplished was left unanswered. Crank up the earnestness and exposure? There was a strong, congratulatory whiff of being on the edge of a marshalled expose on the organisation. The archly snotty-nosed "invitations" for the Governing Body to participate in discussions with AJWRB reeked of delusional self- importance. When you aim for the top and fall short by a country mile, there's really only one way to go - and it ain't up or sideways.

  • AudeSapere

    @steve2 - Are you referring to AJWRB or perhaps you are thinking of AAWA??

    They are two completely (??) different organizations. AJWRB dealt with Blood reform. AAWA dealt with Advocates about Watchtower Abuse.

    I never got a 'snot-nose' vibe from AJWRB, but it's also been years since I've been to that site.


  • dozy

    I think the difficulty with AJWRB is that they were trying to reform the WTBTS blood doctrine ( ie make it a conscience matter ) and started out when it did look like the WTBTS were starting to move in that direction , with their agreement with Bulgaria not to disfellowship people who took transfusions & the short term blood card allowing transfusions of one's own blood. That all changed however and the society have gone back to their hard line.

    Any attempts to reform the WTBTS from outside are probably doomed to failure.

  • steve2

    You're right Aude! I confused one with the other.That said, it's a no-brainer that a publically-exposed religious organization whose policies have led to death would never ever say to its critics, "You're absolutely right. We need to reform this most distinctive of our beliefs."After such a critic makes their points, there is no where else to take the matter. If you've done your best to shame another party into dialogue, and they continue to ignore you, you have relatively few options...

  • minimus

    I believe that the Watchtower Organization cannot be "reformed".


    The Link to AJWRB..


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