On the subject of Child Baptism - Video

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  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Little does the kid know, Jehovah is about as real as his teddy bear!

    Not shocking, but sad indeed.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher
    It merely confirms what has been commented on by the G.B. members in their recent talks - if it can walk on its own two feet and doesn't need a diaper/nappy, then it's old enough to be recruited to the Org!!
  • dubstepped
    What's wrong with building a snowman?
  • FayeDunaway
    Wait, the video suggests it's wrong to build a snowman??? Still can't stomach it so you will have to tell me :)
  • dubstepped

    Beyond my snowman remark, as I find their judgementalism to be ridiculous, I have a major issue with young people getting baptized. I remember articles back when I was younger deriding child baptisms, and how young people would just get baptized in their parent's religion and how they never really made decisions as it was a default for them to follow in their family's footsteps. What the eff do you think that Witness kids do? They have to follow in their parent's footsteps. If you aren't baptized by the time you're a young adult (let's say 16) people start asking about you. Assumptions are made as to your character. Some dads have elder's roles to fulfill, and part of that is having good young women and men that are baptized (nobody really cares about the whole dedication thing, it's all about the outward symbol, because as we all know it is how you appear that matters most). I hate the way kids are pushed into getting baptized. I knew that I needed to, and I did genuinely want to, but only because I wanted to do what was right, not because I had any relationship with God. I was just a smart kid that could answer questions. Heck, a trained monkey could answer many questions. I'll never forget one particular elder that went over my questions with me. I would phrase the answers in my own words because I knew that was the best way to show sincerity, as the WT magazines told me so, so I would give well thought out answers. The elder would sit across from me and kind of tell me that what I had was a night thought, but that the answer was "insert word for word answer here from a publication". He was too dumb to get what I was saying because as a kid I could talk over his head. I thought I had "failed", but they managed to put me through. Either he understood more than he let on or the other two elders knew that he was a knucklehead. Regardless, these kids can't get married, or often drive a car, or make decisions at to what time to go to bed, but they can engage in a lifelong dedication to a God that is the only one they've ever known or really even heard of, dedicated to an organization that is the only one they've ever known and that is controlling their feelings and thoughts from a young age. That is utter and complete crap.

    If you only have one choice in a matter, did you really make a decision?

  • dubstepped
    Wait, the video suggests it's wrong to build a snowman??? Still can't stomach it so you will have to tell me :smile:

    At 1:15 you see two kids building a snowman while a kid holds his dad's hand out in service. He looks longingly or shocked at them building it (not sure which) and then smiles because he knows he's doing the better and right thing by being out with his dad in the ministry. Maybe the message isn't that snowmen are bad. Maybe just having fun is, or just having fun when you could be in the ministry, or maybe it is the snowman, but regardless that little kid knows he's better than those other kids who aren't doing what he is.

  • FayeDunaway

    There's a reason you aren't allowed to vote until you're into your teens. You can not even think abstractly until you are at least 12.

    Re: the snowman, that was cunning. I always felt guilty about making snow angels...as silly as that was. Now kids get to feel guilty about making snowmen instead of more service time! Great.

  • Butyoucanneverleave
    We were always counseled to not marry during the bloom of youth because we were not yet mature enough to understand the implications. How do they explain this?
  • millie210
    Ok color me dense here...what is the little girl doing? .she follows her dog to the shore line?
  • LisaRose

    This is ridiculous and completely contrary to their previous teachings. They are obviously aware they have the lowest retention rate of any religion, I guess they figure if they can get them young they can then hold them hostage by the threat of shunning. If and when they later decide they do not want to be Jehovah's Witnesses they face losing parents, friends and family. It's obviously a calculated move and truly disgusting. I hope it backfires like many of their other changes.

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