On the subject of Child Baptism - Video

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  • rebelfighter

    Non JW view yes that kid wants to go have fun in the snow And why not OH the WT says we have to go preach!! Kids need to be kids first. Just like when I read the book on Families, I pointed out to the Elder, God gave each of us talents and by not allowing the kids to participate in after school programs you are not naturing those talent. You are also giving an impression that you are so much better then everyone else.

    This is definitely setting these kids up for df and shunning what a horrible religion. And the Elder was trying to convince me, yeah right. Yeap I stay convinced I believe in God still do not believe in religion and sticking to it! !!

  • Driving Force
    Driving Force

    I get it after watching a second time.

    You have to guess which of the kids are more spiritual.

    The kid who plays on the beach with the dog.

    The kid who goes in FS rather than playing in the snow.

    The kid in hospital who gives some bOrg literature to the doctor.


    The kid who temporarily leaves his teddy-bear to get baptized.

    My vote goes to the kid who plays with her dog on the beach.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Question to ask a kid who has just stepped out of the baptism pool:

    "What prompted you to repent of your sins and get baptized?" (Acts 2:38; 3:19)

    I'd love to hear a nine year old kid's answer!

  • OneFingerSalute

    What's wrong with building a snowman?

    Just the "logical", conclusion that would be "evidently" drawn from Exodus 20: 4

  • brandnew

    Is that teddy bear supposed to be giving lil man the thumbs up?????

    Please say no.....

  • TTATTelder

    First of all .... I can't believe they have the nerve to draw a teddy bear in the boys room. This is a minimalist style cartoon without a lot of detail, so that bear was strategically drawn to emphasize a young, young boy got baptized. Like 8 years old prob.

    After watching the video a couple of times, I think the walking-the-dog scene is just showing a good little witness girl doing her chores after praying. Taking the dog out must be her chore.

    I will say this. It looks like her house is either water-front property or very close to a very nice beach area. Much like the prodigal son video/drama, the homes they portray witnesses living in are complete fantasy. The Pew study shows American JW households making over $100,000 at 4%. It takes more than just 100,000 to live on water front property usually.

    Why don't they show "modest" witness families living in trailers and tiny houses in the rurals? That would be much more realistic.......

    I guess the truth isn't very important in marketing.


  • blondie
    A brother with a mustache and the privilege of baptizing others..............
  • blondie


    I remember a jw family with 4 children and they kept bugging the elders what the "age of accountability" was when a child was no longer protected by their parent's good works...they would never light on a date. The parents were afraid their children would die because they should have been baptized at 13, 12, 11. Their children got baptized early but only 1 is not disfellowshipped, and the end is nigh?

  • FayeDunaway

    As a child, I remember feeling torn about being born into a witness family. On the one hand, i didn't fully believe all the mumbo jumbo and I wished i had been born into just a regular family so we could all just be normal. On the other hand, I felt so lucky to be born a witness, because had I not been, I knew I would have never believed them if they came to my door, and I would die at Armageddon if it was all true.

    So, growing up a partial believer as I did, I got baptized to be good kid and make my parents happy. But doing it for that reason is going to come back and bite you. These kids who watch this video and are manipulated and feel they have to...it won't turn out well for them or their families.

  • hardtobeme

    What is the origin of the snowman?

    What is the origin of the diamond ring you get when you get married?

    Aren't both pagan?

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