On the subject of Child Baptism - Video

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  • BluesBrother
    Yep, that's right, they showed a kid with a teddy bear getting baptized.

    Forgive me for double checking cappytan but I had to see this on the Borg website before believing that they would actually do this. It is there , on the front page,entitled "Please Hear My Prayer (song 56)"

    That is awful I can see a life pattern now 1] born in 2] baptized at 11. 3] disfellowshipped for teenage indiscretions at 17. So cut off from cong and family .... Who knows what lies ahead?

  • nicolaou
    The current Governing Body members really are grooming young children. They should be ashamed of themselves.
  • Alive!

    In over two decades I observed practically zero success in recruiting converts from the door to door, or external preaching of any kind. I watched many, many witnesses leave.

    In my "time" we had the undercurrent grooming of "no children in this system" - in our congregation there were many childless couples, who today remain childless, long past childbearing years.

    Having said that - the "young ones" who moved into our city from other areas in the past decade, to find work, a marriage partner etc ( and there have been many) - have settled and had children. Our congregations have changed dramatically - suddenly they are full of young/ youngish couples ( all born in) and children.

    This video is incredible.

    The boast of the witnesses when I studied was that none of their children are ALLOWED to get baptised until they are adults - unlike " deceptive " Christendom.

    How easy it is to see where this is going, the cartoons, Caleb and Sophia - the children are being groomed.

    I observe an extended non witness family member who is raising her children to love Christ - no gimmicks, no cartoons.

    Meanwhile witness children are being groomed to trust the GB as some sort of collective Santa Claus figure. Cuddly, kind.

    They are visually becoming stronger. Providing all the feel good stuff.

    I don't like it.

  • SoCal101

    Someone else who made it a point to groom the children..

  • tiki
    I watched this and was totally completely appalled. Any parent in their right mind would want their child to have a childhood. I grew up in this religion and a lot of things were taboo, which did not lead to the best childhood experience - but never was there a push/force to get a child prematurely dunked. The whole thing amazes me that they are so far removed from reality and just want a bunch of mindless robotic lemmings......it is pathetic and an insidious form of child abuse - misuse at least.......simply appalling.
  • sparrowdown
    This is really a thirty year old midget with a teddy bear fetish.
  • BU2B

    This is repugnant. They know that a child who is exposed to this, and wants to do the "right thing" AKA pleasing their parents and other authority figures will now be bugging their parents to get baptized because its kewl. Kids like to imitate what they see and when they are told that it will please the "imaginary" Jehovah they will do what they are told. Kids already have active imaginations so believing in the big "sky-daddy" isnt too hard. Plus almost all the adults around them believe in it, and those who do not are nothing more than someone to give a tract to.

    I truly believe I have either great strength or incredible weakness that I do not blow my fuse. My oldest daughter is 5 now and is exposed to this garbage, and it IS WORKING. My wife shows her these videos on the IPad as do my parents. I cant stand it and it is ruining my life. I could be having a good day, mowing the lawn, and having a cold beer or going out to eat with my family and THEN my daughter may say something she saw on the videos. Just the other day she threw out a little "magic toy pony" because it was magic and Jehovah hates it. She said she feels proud and good to do it. My wife was sitting there the whole time so what could I say? 5 year olds think in black and white, something is either good or bad.. No middle ground. I try to draw her out and get her to think, but that is really not to effective at her age, neither am I a child psychologist/miracle worker. It ripped my heart out and I proceeded to drink tequila until my pain was numbed and I didnt care about much and the thoughts slowed down in my head.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    Absolutely sickening!
    Let's review the following:
    Not old enough to vote
    Not old enough to drink alcohol
    Not old enough to drive a car
    Not old enough to marry
    Not old enough to legally have sex
    Not old enough to go to a doctor on their own
    Not old enough to voluntarily leave school
    Not old enough to cross the road on their own
    Not old enough to open a bank account
    Not old enough to spend money without permission

    Here's one for the books: I was in a supermarket and a food vendor was giving away free taste samples. A young boy about 13 years old walked up to grab a tiny piece to sample and the person at the table refused to give the lad a taste....stating that he needed to be accompanied by his parents.

    So add this one:

    Not old enough to taste food samples!

  • TTATTelder


    Sorry to hear that. Hang in there. It is incogitable what they are doing to kids. Right is right and wrong is wrong. One day our families are just going to have to open their damn eyes to that.


  • thedepressedsoul

    I remember tons of young ones getting counseled for being too young to date and for marriage. The elders said, "Marriage is the 2nd biggest dedication of your life (baptism being 1st), at 20 you still don't know who you are or what you want. You can't possibly make a decision like that, that young!"

    Yet for the first "biggest" dedication you can be 11?

    They know young ones are leaving the "Truth" like crazy once they turn 18. Their solution? Baptize them as young as possible so it's even harder for them to leave when they're 18!

    If they encouraged people to wait until 18 or older, no one would get baptized! They'd all be out or sit on the fence and enjoy life without consequences. They have no control over you when you don't get baptized. It's sick they want these kids to get baptized so young to control their lives and make it harder to leave!

    Exact reason they are practically banning "higher education"!

    Wait until that poor kid is DF, has their name announced and is shunned by everyone at the age of 12-14!

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