The Pastor of my Old Church Tried to Re-Convert Me Yesterday

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  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Well they were mostly heathens anyway right, so who cares?

    Oh sorry we've had that point already....

  • KateWild

    I am looking for a post by somebody who made their maiden post to point out that some theists simply see natural evil as deserved judgements from god.-cofty

    Many who beleive in a Personal God that rewards and punishes truly believe that prayer can help remove suffering.

    I was interested to read that Steven Hassan, believed his broken leg was a God send. His mother prayed that he would get hurt but not to bad and prayed his leg would be broken so he could be deprogrammed form the Moonies. It did work out well for his family but I am sorry I feel this is far fetched.

    He was not eating and sleeping properly, it was an accident waiting to happen, Steven Hassan was told it was a miracle he escaped with just a broken leg, I believe many professionals say a similar remark when they experience medical emergencies and encounter survivors.

    How abuot those that prayed and did not survive.

    I am afraid I do not believe in a God that punishes in this way. I too would be interested in someones view that believes this.

    Kate xx

  • Hummingbird001


    Re:. Steve Hassan breaking his leg, and it being viewed as a miracle in order to get him out of the Moonies

    If it were truly a miracle, then breaking people's legs would be a logical way to free them from cults. it worked for Steve, right?

    This is why theists cannot say the ones who were saved from the tsunami were saved by God. It's merely the luck of the draw.

  • Simon

    I've been grateful for this forum on my journey, but the way that anti theists have been allowed to dominate and insult causes sadness to many.

    The way dogmatic theists have been allowed to promote their inhuman beliefs over and over and refused to take part in any reasoned debate when challenged causes consternation to many more.

    It has meant that many of us visit rarely now. Ah well.

    No, "Ah good !!"

    Please feel free to take as much insult as you wish and visit as rarely as possible.

    Satan loves you and your child killing beliefs.

  • doofdaddy
  • Hummingbird001


    This tec had almost 13,000 posts in 3 years. I don't think you can claim she wasn't being allowed to be heard. Or that anti theists dominate here. In my short time here, tec dominated these discussions, IMO.

  • cofty

    Simon - Please don't delete all her conversations or my post count will go back to 5!

  • DJS

    A more accurate evaluation would be that Tammy had 1 post she repeated 13,000 times.

  • humbled

    I have just found and read the conversation of the past--6-8 hours.

    Tec/Tammy is banned? I say shame on you who think this is fair. It is neither fair nor a benefit to us.

    I appreciate her strong voice that apparently draws strong reaction on the board. Although there are calls to "not feed" the line of conversation she opens, who of you stop conversing? So one wonders--what's up with that? Because I know personally that it is easy to dry up a poster--do not respond, do not comment. It happens to me plenty of times--even if I think I have raised a good point, even if I have spent time putting the idea together. If no one answers a post-- then there's a pretty quick end to it.


    Tammy garners almost 100% in the response department.


    One reason is that she is respectful. She doesn't do smack-downs. A+

    Tammy is sharp. So that challenges.

    She believes in Jesus the Christ. So that challenges us.

    She believes in Jesus the Christ.

    So that challenges her, too.

    If I am not a believer in Christ, I am still a person who reckons that the Jesus teaching of love is consistent with our own desire for love and fairness. Who he was and is in my life is up to me to deal with, to sort out.

    In thinking how some of Christian teaching is so dependent on the OT God it has helped me see how tangled the Church apologetics had to become to allow them to develop a god/man of Jesus. TEC/Tammy has come to one answer to this problem. I took a road that is different--but I have spent time on Tammy's road, too.

    I repeat:Tammy's voice in the forum is valuable.

    This thread is almost unique in all I have been exposed to in readings, live discussions, panel discussions, etc. I've never heard of such a hammering at the tangled threads of belief as this hread has sustained. It has nearly derailed a few times. But tossing Tammy out will derail this topic. I will consider that a tragic miscalculation of how a discussion can develop. And on a personal level I feel it is a sad miscalculation of Tammy herself. She is a fervent believer. Just because that is so obvious, why exclude her amid scurrilous accusations?

    Please reconsider.

  • cofty

    I hope that more considered, thoughtful believers will now be inclined to join in the conversation.

    If I was still a theist I would hesistate to risk being associated with the simplistic dogma and shrill voice that has dominated the believers side of discussions.

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