New Circles of Friends Take Time

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  • KateWild

    You guys are all nice, the creeps PM you a decent PM, but the get your details quick. They work out when you are relaxed about giving personal details and then get creepy of the board. Mostly I have met decent people on JWN

    Apart form Angus trying to wind up me and Jane right now. Stop being creepy cantleave

  • happy@last

    It's a sad fact of life, some people will take advantage of ones in a vulnerable position. JWs can be too trusting, Sam I believe you are probably a good judge of character.

  • KateWild

    probably a good judge of character.- happy

    LOL, I got sucked into a cult and I am divorced, how dya work that out??? It all takes time, now that I am 40 I am in no rush to force friendships, I will go with the flow as they naturally progress. But still I am tooo trusting with my details.

    Sam xx

    Sam xx


    However I have also had a few creeps who don't post regularly get my personal details.

    ......................................  photo mutley-ani1.gif...OUTLAW

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    I'll probably get flamed for this but, ...umm you did kinda throw yourself on here with pics and hearts and kisses and "I'm sooo lonely" over and over again almost begging and pleading for some male attention, ..... ANY attention in fact. And then it looks like you were far too trusting with your personal info ...

    Thats how I read it.

    Now you have "creeps" who know where you live and probably your phone number etc too. H'mmm how exactly did that happen?

  • happy@last

    I would have thought your experiences would ensure you become a good judge of character, and as you can see the creeps vs the nice perhaps you are getting there. I still stand by the fact that you cannot be too trusting, that's happens over time.

  • wannaexit

    Early on when I joined this forum about 13 years ago, someone told me not to give too much information all at once--sometimes we get so trusting and want to pour out our heart and tend to give too much information that may work to our disadvantage.

    There is a need in cyberworld to be very selective in what we share. I like the title you gave your thread "New circle of friends takes time". It truly does take time to create history with another.

    There are a number of options:

    tell a moderator OR ignore the PM

    Happy New Year KateWild. I enjoy your presence in this forum. I hope that 2014 brings loads of happiness.

  • KateWild

    WMF, okay you have a point, but now on this thread I am making sure that posters know it's a circle of friends I am after not anything romantic, my social skills were a bit off and now I am putting it right, but as soon as I got a creepy proposal I made it public how I felt about my circustances, and even you said it sounds like I wasn't ready.

    I could have got hurt if you hadn't pointed out to me somethind like "by asking you seem like your not ready". I was vulnerable and WMF, you protected me from doing something silly. Don't forget I only stopped going 4 weeks ago. Yeah I can pull you leg sometimes, but I don't do it in a flirty way to my knowledge I do it in a accademically challenging manner.

    WMF, you do have a good point, but I will take the rough with the smooth, so if your family want to come to the meet up we would love to see you all there in London in April, you're no creep WMF, you are a laugh a minute on science threads.

    Kate .. no kisses for you now mister

  • KateWild

    There is a need in cyberworld to be very selective in what we share-wannaexit

    Yeah so I have learned this, but no real harm was done. I was just letting ones no on the board what I will and won't accept as friendship. Thank for saying you enjoy my posts, I feel supported by all your responses and feel a friendship towards you.

    Thank you for your help

    Kate xx

  • Finally-Free

    In the ten years since I left the JWs I've had a number of "friends" come and go, but I've had one real friend throughout that time. Not bad. It's one more than I had during my 20 years as a JW.

    Between a challenging career, hobbies, and a bird who craves constant attention, it's hard to find time to go out and find new friends.


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