John Denver hates JW's

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  • steve2

    Shirley, the Witnesses were/are struck by a fairly routine case of "Chinese whispers" (no offense to Chinese intended)!

    Smiddy, Cliff Richard wrote candidly in one of his early autobiographies about his mother being a Witness, whilst at least two of the members of his backing band, The Shadows, became Witnesses - the better known one is Hank Marvin, the lead guitarist who in Britain is considered one of the greatest pop/rock guitarists of all time (Hank now lives in Australia - and there are a few youtube videos in which he is interviewed - in bizarrely luke-warm fashion - about his life as a Witness).

    Back to Cliff: He had a brief interest in Watchtower literature in the early 1960s but gravitated to evangelical Christianity in the mid 60s and fervently espoused his beliefs over some decades which did not dent his popularity. He also directly disputed the Witnesses' beliefs on several topics, but I note that in recent years, he's rather toned down his publicly espoused beliefs. Antiseptic best sums up his kind of religiosity - and, at least in that regard, his approach is not dissimilar to Hank's.

  • Alive!

    LOL I remember the John Denver story being told with big wide eyes over drinkies with our new born in friends. And the smurf story. And the story about the witness who called on a mass murderer who thought the witness had two burly men standing with him/ her and so decided not to axe 'em to death.

    Both my husband and I took it with a pinch of salt, we should have been truly concerned that grown people were telling accounts of smurf dolls doing odd stuff in KHs.

    One particular elder and his wife LOVED it - he was a good story teller, and loved to drink up large - we used to roar with laughter and have him on about it.

    But, he kind of believed it all.

  • smiddy

    If you look up Hank Marvins site , he says nothing about his involvement with Jehovah Witnesses , is he ashamed ? embarrassed ?


  • FusionTheism

    Yes, I was told this story many times growing up.

    Other stories I was told:

    * The angel appearing next to the woman going door-to-door, which spooked the murderer/rapist and prevented him from hurting her.

    * 8-Balls and Ouija Boards causing demon-possession, levitation, and suicide.

    * Demons possessing Africans and snapping their necks.

    * Special Elders in New York who were exorcists, and could go around casting demons out.

    * Batman's eyes in the 1989 movie showed signs of demon possession, and watching the Joker could lead to demonic activity in your home.

    * Smurfs and Teletubbies and He-Man were demonic.

    * Playing Pac-Man (because of the ghosts) could cause demonic activity in your home, or playing Super Mario because of the magic flying bricks.

  • steve2

    Hank Marvin is on youtube talking about his life as a Witness -not sure when the videos were made.It's anyone's guess whether he remains an active Witness. I always thought the youtube clips were kinda lightweight.

    I understand Hank's son died under tragic circumstances and he been estranged from Hank at the time. I'd thought there may have been a JW connection but had not been able to find anything about it.

  • cantleave
    Hank was definitely still an elder when I left in 2009. I would be surprised if he has woken up and left..

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