John Denver hates JW's

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  • freemindfade

    The Denver story I heard a few different ways in the WITNESS URBAN LEGEND tradition, one involved Johnny Carson, who was hailed as a champion of the witnesses, who came to their defense and hired many according to the legend, in fact there was a specific confrontation related between Denver and Carson.

    Also heard Gloria Estefan is fiercely anti-jdub

  • blondie

    I had jw friends that lived in that area, a couple at the KH worked for Don Ho it is just a made up one can say who said it and when.

  • idiotnomore
    Yes, the John Denver urban legend was a firmly held belief for decades. I was also criticized for listening to Stevie Nicks because she was definitely a witch, someone knew it to be a fact. Seriously!
  • DisArmed
    Isn't it funny how most of the urban legends mentioned in the thread are decades old? I remember the Johnny Carson JW jokes, the Saturday Night Live JW skits and others that made fun of JWs. Except for very rare occasions nowadays JWs aren't relative enough to merit a joke or be made fun of. The last I remember is when Tony Soprano said to an associate, "That guy is more boring than a Jehovah's Witness." that was about ten years ago.
  • steve2

    A story circulating among JWs in New Zealand in the early to mid-1970s involved Glen Campbell hating the Witnesses. At one of his concerts, he allegedly asked JWs in the audience to stand up. When they did so, they were heckled by Glen and the rest of the audience and booed out of the venue.

    Why would he do that, even if he hated them? Wouldn't it back fire? And why would any Witnesses in the audience feel compelled to stand up? What was at stake?

    Oh, and around that time, John Denver's alleged hate-filled views on the JWs spread through local congregations like wild-fire.

    Even back then, I smelled a rat. These were most likely little more than the over-heated imaginings of persecution-sensitive Witnesses trying to intensify the rush of hoped-for persecution to fire up the faith.

  • Awake at last
    Awake at last

    For Australian forum readers, Graham Kennedy was supposed to hate the witnesses and was a do not call in the Frankston area of Victoria.

    Also the tennis player, Gabriela Sabatini was rumoured to hate the witnesses because of their stand on gay and lesbian lifestyles. Word of mouth only though. I don't have anything to back it up.

  • ShirleyW
    Steve2 - Interesting that you say in New Zealand you heard Glen Campbell hated the JWs. Here in the US I've heard that his parents (and I think a few of his siblings) started studying, don't know if any got baptized, but heard that he was favorable to the JWs. See what a few miles between the Dubs does to a rumor?
  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    These are hilarious! It truly speaks to the ridiculousness of the "inner circle".

  • smiddy

    Well in the 60`s and 70`s here in Oz land Elvis Presley was interested in the "truth" , he accepted magazines .

    Jane Fonda was said to have acknowledged Jehovah Witnesses have the "truth" but she could never live up to their high moral standards,

    These urban legends were doing the rounds in Melbourne Australia about that time.

    Oh , another one was Cliff Richards was interested but could`nt live up to it, maybe because of one of his band members had some connection to them .

    I wonder why the pre-occupation was to have a celebrity accept the "truth" as they saw it , as if that would validate their beliefs .


  • Xanthippe
    Smiddy, Hank Marvin was and still is a JW as far as I know, my husband met him in one of the London congregations. Cliff looked into it but didn't join, I believe his mother joined.

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