Cost of new Kingdom Halls?

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  • Phizzy

    In my old Congo their was an Elder who did tremendous work for the RBC, well, they pissed him off somehow, can't remember the details, but for the next three K.H projects they had lined up, two new Halls and a major refurb. he went and got "Worldly" companies to tender for the jobs. He had all the plans and details etc. plus he was in the trade.

    Guess what ? They came in much cheaper !

    Even so, it was all overuled and they went ahead with the usual practice. which was to use JW's to supply everything, of course these guys were ripping off the individual Congregations, but were all hand in glove with the RBC.

    He went back to helping them after that, I really don't know why, just status I guess.

    I had personal experience too of this kind of "pricing". Our Congo needed a new Sound System (badly, the old one was a steam driven one LOL), so I knew a guy in the business, he quoted for a sophisticated (for the time) system that monitored background noise and adjusted, babies crying etc, he worked out the best place for the speakers etc, to give a very natural sound.

    What was the decision ? go with the guy who supplied the RBC with systems for Quickbuilds. More expensive, and just as out of date as our old system, big "holes" in the sound as you went to odd corners of the hall etc.

    No wonder they get through loads of money, JW's have latched on to it and are milking it for what they can get.

  • blondie

    Over my lifetime, even recently I have seen elders stand up publicly in the congregation and denounce the money grubbing. Yes, each was removed as an elder but people knew.

    It took me some time, but I finally saw I could not complain privately. Freedom is nothing left to I left. I hope others keep waking up and finding true freedom.

    PS I remember the WTS saying that the Jewish religious leaders, knew Jesus was the Christ but they did not want to lose their place with the Romans. I do believe that some are not controlled by a cult but deep self interest.

  • runForever

    2,000,000$ for add on hall and surrounding wall.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    MaybeSo, funny how you mention:

    'There was a meeting a few weeks ago in Denton, TX. They whent over some plans to build new kingdom halls because the need was greater and so on.

    The info was that the Borg is tyring to build 1500 new kingdom halls in the next few years at a cost of around $750k a pop. They built some 350 in the past few years and are asking for more money to complete their builds.'

    A close JW friend of mind who lives in Ventura County, Calif. told me about a push to build 72 Kingdom Halls in the L. A. basin area within a couple of years. WT needs $200 million to build those halls.

    He said that Orange County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County & Ventura County Congregations were being sold on a resolution to support the effort. Apparently each Kingdom Hall would cost (land and building) between $2 million to close to $3 million depending on location.

    All the elders within these counties were called together in early September and were told in no uncertanin terms to get behind the effort. Then after a 'Household Financial Survey' was taken of all family heads of all congregations (which survey showed a less than enthusiantic approval by the family heads) a resolution was forced on each congregation to back the venture.

    So each existing Kingdom Hall/Congregation now has an addional contribution box that reads something to the effect....'L.A. Kingdom Hall Building Fund'.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Ain't no doubt about it, the WTBTS is in the Real Estate business!

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